Fresenius Medical Care still a growth stock?

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07.12.20 10:44 #1 Fresenius Medical Care still a growth stock?
Ever since Rice Powell took over as CEO, the stock has been a big disappointment mostly. A short and not lasting boost came with promises 2014 (28 bn by 2020), that the firm could not deliver and the strategy was changed several times. What is happening? This firm has more doctors and great talent than most other medical giants but doesn't seem to use it. Good news is the appointment of Dr. Maddux as Management Board Member and Medical Chief Officer. He should lead the firm. It would be a signal to return to a reliable growth strategy. Fresenius Medical Care - just like the parent Fresenious SE - holds on to unsuccessful CEOs. Investors miss the successful times, when Dr. Ben Lipps was leading the firm He had everything that was needed to steer this firm to the next level. I will invest as soon as a new CEO is determined. Before, I don't believe we see much growth to the stock price.  
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