Sheldon Adelson ist der beste !

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09.11.09 15:44 #1 Sheldon Adelson ist der beste !
Ich hoffe, daß ich in diesem Alter auch noch die Energie
von Sheldon Adelson habe.  
13.11.09 23:21 #3 LVS
um welches Unternehmen es sich handelt, und auch andere Casinos sind gefragt.  
13.11.09 23:32 #4 und hier noch
die neuesten Nachrichten vieler Casinostocks  
17.11.09 15:40 #5 @rico
was bedeuten die 20 MIO gestern gehandelt an der NYSE  gegenüber den 90 MIO vor 14 tagen ?
W. B.
20.12.09 13:47 #6 Sheldon Adelson

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20.12.09 14:00 #7 der mann hat noch viel vor
After the CityCenter press conference I drive to the Venetian to chat with Sheldon Adelson, the majority shareholder of Las Vegas Sands  ( LVS -  news  -  people ) and the wealthiest man in Las Vegas.

Just two years ago Adelson was the third-richest man in America as his Las Vegas Sands casino company traded at more than $140 a share. His personal fortune once neared $40 billion.

These days he's worth a mere $9 billion, ranking 26th on the most recent Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. "The Forbes 400 is a report card for the wealthy, and seeing it this year hurt," he says. "I got a bad report card."

Adelson vows he will claw his way back into the ranks of the 10 wealthiest people in the U.S. He speaks mostly about his developments in Asia. Next year he will open the $5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands resort and convention complex, and plans to revamp construction on his multi-casino Cotai Strip in Macau as soon as Singapore is open for business. Adelson was forced to halt construction and lay off thousands of workers in China amid the credit crisis.

Adelson also says he has been talking with the government of another Asian country that wants to replicate what Las Vegas Sands has created in Singapore. He also wants to create a Las Vegas Strip in Europe, in a country near the Mediterranean.

In past interviews Adelson has appeared gruff, often wielding a nasty chip on his shoulder. Now, he appears to be happier--shocking for someone who has lost nearly $30 billion in 18 months.

The key, he says, was replacing his former management team of Bill Wiedner and Brad Stone. "They were the reason our stock dropped 99%, they were the reason we got into trouble with the banks. Now that they're gone, I love coming to work again every morning."

On CityCenter, Adelson believes the complex will drive visitors to Las Vegas, but that the project will ultimately be a failure for MGM Mirage. "I haven't heard anyone who has seen it tell me it is going to be a winner," he says. "They have no strategy. They have no obvious plan. If they try to compete in the travel and tour business, they will cannibalize all their other properties, like the Bellagio. They don't have a convention space big enough to make an impact. So they built it without a strategy. How ill-advisable is that?"  
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