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15.11.17 13:13
Xetra Newsboard

Failure - Member Action required

Emergency Information MIC: XMAL

Due to technical reason, it is necessary to restart the FIX Gateways of
the trading system Xetra (i.e. primary and secondary). Please take into
account the followings:
- the restart of the both sides (primary and secondary Gateways) will be
sequentially executed so that one side is available to connect to at all
- the primary side will be restarted earliest from 13:15 (CET). Duration
of restart is ca. 10 minutes
- the secondary side will be restarted earliest from 13:45 (CET). Duration
of restart is ca. 10 minutes
- the members are requested to perform the failover procedure to connect
to the available gateway

We will keep you informed about the further development in the Newsboard
as well as on

Please do not hesitate to contact your TKAM in case of further questions.


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