SPHERE 3D +100% in 2 hours

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15.11.19 23:55 #1 SPHERE 3D +100% in 2 hours
SPHERE 3D  14/15.11.2019
Down day before: $0,70
High: $1,54
Buy day befor: $0,725
Sell: $1,45 Stopp-Loss
Volume: 101K

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06.08.21 08:02 #2 .. GREAT NEWS!
... Sphere 3D Announces Agreement to Acquire Exclusive Rights for Assignment of Cryptocurrency Mining Assets  
08.09.21 15:15 #3 Wow
da bin ich doch glatt mal dick eingestiegen!



13.09.21 18:03 #4 ich nutze mal die Gelegenheit
und kaufe ein paar Anteile nach!  


16.09.21 10:36 #6 Scam or real?
This Sphere with Gryphon merger and the 220000 bitcoin miners sounds just to good to be true. Especially at this MC. If this is for real it is an absolute must buy! But it seems a bit scammy. Also all the news messages are not from the main media (but those are also not really reliable these days).

So very tempted to get some shares but also very scared....
14.10.21 06:57 #9 ...Sphere 3D...
....ab Q1/22 der größte Miner der Welt...ich liebe diese Aktie...  
08.11.21 07:46 #10 ...Bitcoin 66k...
...die Fahrt beginnt !!! ...Fusion mit Gryphon in den nächsten Wochen...grün BTC, ich liebe diese Aktie  
04.02.22 07:59 #11 ..News...
...ANY’s Purchase Agreement
The company has entered into a purchase agreement of 60,000 units of new NM440 bitcoin miners with NuMiner Global Inc. With a hash rate of 440 TH/s and power efficiency ratio of 20.2 J/T, NM440 stepped into the market for the first time on Thursday.

For final assessment and testing (completion on/before June 1), ANY will be provided with 12 pre-production NM440s. Following the successful completion of the assessment, the company will receive 1,000 miners in June 2022. After that, from September 2022 to February 2023, the company will receive 10,000 units monthly.

Furthermore, the maximum purchase price for the NM440’s under the terms of the agreement is up to $1.7 billion.  
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