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29.04.09 18:47 #1 neueinstieg VMW
kauf bei 26,35 USD
Most psychiatrists or analysts are a waste of time

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01.06.09 22:10 #2 angriff auf die april-hochs
bei 33,50 usd...

die kaufpanik der ganz grossen us-firmen, lässt übernahmeziele wie vm ware steigen. siehe oracle / sun micro letzten monat...
11.06.09 09:50 #3 cloud computing -music of the future
ich bin mir sicher, dass VMW/Google alle Möglichkeiten MS zu überbieten hat. Als Käufer ist GOOGLE auf der ersten Stelle gennant. Es kommt bestimmt zu einer Kampf um diese Beute zwischen Google und MS.

Heute gefundene news


Published: Thursday June 11, 2009 MYT 1:46:00 PM
Making cloud computing easier

KUALA LUMPUR: Multinational virtualisation company VMware Inc has launched an enterprise operating system designed specifically to make cloud computing more efficient.

vSphere 4 was released last month and is the fourth datacentre virtualisation software to be released by the company and the first “cloud operating system,” said Jim Lenox, general manager for Asia South at VMware.

“With the promise of cloud computing, customers are eager to achieve the benefits but struggle to see a path to getting there,” said Lenox. “Customers can take pragmatic steps to achieve cloud computing within their own IT environments with vSphere 4.”

Lenox said this version of the operating system extends the previous generation of VMware platform by adding more control over application service levels while preserving choices of hardware and guest applications.

It also comes with additional features such as “fault tolerance,” which allows for a continuation of operations in the event of component failure.

“This operating system allows companies to bridge the gap between the internal intranet and the external Internet very effectively. It is also the only operating to date that can do this,” Lenox claimed.

Although it has only been a few weeks, reception to the new product has been positive, announced VMware.

Companies want to better manage their existing infrastructure at minimum cost, especially during harsh economic times” Lenox said.

“Usually this involves some sort of virtualisation solution or moving towards cloud computing. With vSphere, we believe we can provide the best of both solutions and bridge the gap between the two.”

VMware has been in Malaysia for a year-and-a-half and it has many notable customers in the country, including Dutch insurance conglomerate ING.

Ich geniese alle news und Rankings sehr sehr vorsichtig.
Obiges ist keine Kauf-Empfehlung !!!  


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