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09.03.19 08:52 #1 Welltower
Welltower® delivers the health care infrastructure necessary to facilitate better treatment at lower costs and keep patients out of the hospital. Our business is centered on a relationship-based investing platform. We provide real estate capital to leading seniors housing operators, post-acute care providers and health systems. Through our capital, these companies are able to grow, innovate and ultimately provide better care.



09.03.19 08:54 #2 Welltower

Welltower Inc. (WELL) CEO Tom DeRosa Presents at Citi 2019 Global Property CEO Conference Call (Transcript)


Welltower is a $30-ish billion equity market cap publicly traded REIT that invest primarily in seniors housing, post acute care facilities and medical office buildings. We currently own 1,334 premier senior housing and long-term post acute assets across the U.S., UK and Canada, as well as 20 month 1 million square feet of self-managed medical office space in the U.S.

Before getting to the three reasons I just -- why investors should buy Welltower now. I wanted to highlight a few key things about our organization since we were last here in March of 2018; we delivered 15.3% total return to shareholders, outperforming all peers for the year; we completed over $4 billion of gross investment activity at a 7% yield, while selling nearly 2 billion of non-core assets, further improving the quality of our portfolio and cash flow; we leverage relationships with next-generation operators like Conseil to realign legacy relationships like Brookdale, enhancing the quality of our cash flow while positioning the Welltower platform for future growth; we experienced year-over-year occupancy gains during the fourth quarter for the first time since 2015, and we're encouraged by the general stabilization in seniors housing fundamentals seen during the second half of '18.



13.04.19 08:52 #3 Welltower: Is Welltower a Buy?

Is Welltower a Buy?


The portfolio has undergone a bit of a strategic shift over the past few years, adding significantly to its concentration of senior housing and outpatient medical facilities. In all, 63% of Welltower's income comes from senior housing and 27% comes from outpatient medical and health-system properties. In addition, 95% of the portfolio is private pay, which generally translates to more stable revenue than government-dependent payments such as Medicare and Medicaid.



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