Was ist da mit Citrix los? Steigt in D...

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11.09.00 14:34 #1 Was ist da mit Citrix los? Steigt in D...
Irgendwelche News?

11.09.00 16:57 #2 Neue Produktpalette letzte Woche vorgestellt
Und neuen Manager zusätzlich engagiert. Bei freundlichem Marktumfeld sollte Citrix noch mal gut zulegen können - haben sich in den letzten Tagen gut behauptet.

Gruß Dampf

11.09.00 18:08 #3 dankE! o.T.
15.09.00 12:08 #4 @Hans Dampf, @parocorp: Optionsschein Citrix
Hallo ihr Citrix- Profis,

Kennt ihr einen guten Call auf Citrix?


18.10.00 20:40 #5 Auch Citrix meldet heute
Eventuell mal ne positive Überraschung in Sicht. Werden jedenfalls z.Z. mit 10% im plus gehandelt.
Meistens kein ganz schlechtes Zeichen.
October 16, 2000 7:54am
                 THE DAY AHEAD: Citrix hopes to
                 take first turnaround steps
                 By Larry Dignan TDAIN ZDII

                 COMMENTARY -- No news has been good news this
                 quarter for Citrix Systems. The company hopes to take
                 its first steps to regaining its past glory Oct. 18 when it
                 reports third quarter results.

                 Amid the flood of profit warnings from high-tech
                 companies, there wasn't a peep out of Citrix in recent
                 weeks. For Citrix investors, that's the first piece of good
                 news from the company in months.

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                                  Latest News on CTXS

                                     DIARY - Today in U.S. Equities -
                                  Oct 18...
                                     DIARY - Equities World Headlines -
                                  OCTOBER 18...
                                     DIARY - Equities World Headlines -
                                  OCTOBER 18...


                 Citrix (Nasdaq: CTXS), whose software allows
                 customers to run any application over any device, was
                 pummeled in the second quarter after the company
                 issued a profit warning and lost its CEO. Shares
                 stumbled to a low of $14 from a March high of $122.
                 Much of that plunge occurred over the summer (stock

                 It was a tough fall for Citrix, a former Wall Street
                 darling. Of the seven analysts covering Citrix, four of
                 them rate the stock a "hold." Now Citrix is trying to
                 regain some credibility.

                 Analysts said the biggest thing for Citrix is execution.
                 The company boosted revenue and customers easily,
                 but lacked the internal processes to handle the growth.
                 The end result was a second quarter debacle, which
                 was magnified by a transition in the way the company
                 sold its software. Toss in management turmoil and
                 Citrix has become the ultimate "show me" stock.

                 Many Citrix watchers on Wall Street agree that the
                 company's technology and market niche is first rate.
                 Citrix is one of the few companies that can bring legacy
                 systems up on a common platform. Analysts also
                 reckon that Citrix will eventually double its annual
                 revenue to post $1 billion in sales.

                 But first the company has to deliver solid results for the
                 quarter ending Sept. 30.

                 Michael Cristinziano, an analyst with Gerard Klauer
                 Mattison, is projecting earnings of 12 cents a share on
                 sales of $111 million. His projections are in line with
                 First Call Corp. consensus figures.

                 You're not going to see any quick fixes from Citrix, but
                 there are some clear mileposts to watch. Here's what to
                 look for to gauge a Citrix turnaround.

                 1. Execution. Can Citrix hit current expectations?
                 Cristinziano said he's looking for signs of progress from
                 Citrix's sales force. "They have to sell more effectively
                 to large enterprise customers," he said.

                 2. Software revenue. Citrix's second quarter
                 meltdown was attributed to the transition from selling
                 shrink-wrap software to electronic licensing. Analysts
                 were irked by the fact that the transition "snuck up" on
                 management. As Citrix transitions to a licensing
                 software model, the company's inventory problems
                 should disappear. Cristinziano expects about 20
                 percent of Citrix's revenue to derive from licensing with
                 that percentage rising to about 80 percent eventually.
                 Analysts said Citrix now has the internal controls in
                 place to manage the transition.

                 3. A new CEO. What happens when a company like
                 Citrix can't make the jump to the big leagues?
                 Executives take the hit. Shortly after Citrix announced
                 its second quarter profit warning, a management
                 shakeup left the company without a CEO. Company
                 founder and Chairman Edward E. Iacobucci stepped
                 down. Former CEO Mark Templeton became president
                 and Roger W. Roberts, Citrix CEO from 1990 to 1998,
                 became Chairman.

                 The company still needs a CEO. Citrix's search is
                 under way. Analysts said the company has talked to a
                 few candidates, but no one has been presented to the
                 Citrix board of directors. It's a 50/50 chance a CEO will
                 be named by the end of the year, said analysts.

                 4. Products. Citrix's growth thus far has hinged on its
                 MetaFrame software, which extends the functionality of
                 Microsoft's operating systems and UNIX throughout
                 corporations. MetaFrame has at least another two
                 years of solid growth ahead, but analysts want to see
                 Citrix's next hit. The company, which is Web enabling
                 its products, has made a big move into offering
                 corporate portals with its NFuse software.

                 But the next growth engine for Citrix may be its "Project
                 Vertigo," which is a new user interface used for Web
                 business applications. Analysts aren't ready to
                 proclaim Vertigo as Citrix's next hit, but they are clearly
                 keeping an eye on it.TD

Gruß Dampf  
18.10.00 20:44 #6 @HD
hey alten thread augegraben? habe ich ein doch etwas aus den augen verloren.. ab jetzt wieder auf watchlist!!! ;o)

schöne grüße
18.11.00 01:11 #7 Citrix scheint den Turnaround geschafft zu haben.

Seit Dem Tief im Juli/August schon über 50% zugelegt, trotz schwierigem Marktumfeld.
Citrix profitiert von der Einführung von Windows 2000 und einem kürzlich erfolgtem Upgrade durch Lehmann Brothers.
Die letzten Quartalszahlen waren auch erstmals wieder recht ordentlich.

Charttechnisch liegt der nächste Widerstand bei der 200T-Linie. Allerdings ist der Wert augenblicklich schon stark überkauft.
Eventuell noch etwas abwarten...

Gruß Dampf  
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