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18.05.17 11:02 #1 WHEATON PRECIOUS METALS - Hohe Margen

Diversifizierter Gold & Silber Streamer mit hohen Margen

8 Reasons Wheaton Precious Metals Could Be the World's Most Perfect Stock

1. Exceptionally high precious-metal margins

(average cash costs of $4.54 per silver ounce and $391 per gold ounce)

2. No direct day-to-day mining costs

(Essentially $14 million is general corporate expensing, compared with $198 million in reportable precious-metal sales) 

3. Multiple royalty and streaming deals 

4. Improved production diversity  

(This year, the company is set to generate just a little more than half of its revenue from the sale of silver. In years past, this figure would have been significantly higher.)

 5. Positive long-term outlook for gold and silver

6. A tenured management team

(you're getting a management team that's not only seasoned but has also stuck with the company for an extended period of time) 

7. Shareholder yield

(announced its intention to rebuy 20.2 million shares of its common stock, or at the time what represented about 5% of its outstanding shares. The company is also paying a $0.07-per-share quarterly dividend that's more or less tied to the price of silver. That works out to a current annual yield of 1.4%.) 

8. Valuation

(average price-to-cash flow (P/CF) has averaged a bit over 16. The industry average tends to be between 11 and 12, but Wheaton's considerably higher margins afford it a premium valuation in this respect. However, looking at Wall Street's cash-flow estimate in the years that lie ahead for Wheaton, its P/CF is valued closer to 13 or 14, signaling a possible undervaluation at current levels.) 

10.08.17 21:48 #2 Wheaton Precious Metals : Franco Nevada

noch auf der Watchlist

14.08.17 17:28 #3 WPM 18,95$
Wheaton Precious Metals meldet Quartalszahlen für Q2/17:
10.10.17 16:20 #4 "Here's Why the Best Is Yet to Come for WPM.

newsfeedback@fool.com (Reuben Gregg Brewer) Aug 17, 2017

08.11.17 06:15 #5 Einstieg
11.11.17 11:36 #6 WPM 20,14$

Wheaton Precious Metals meldet Zahlen für Q3/17

Third Quarter Highlights

  • Attributable silver production for the three months ended September 30, 2017, decreased 1% relative to the comparable period in 2016, with lower production from San Dimas and Constancia being largely offset by increased production from Antamina and Peñasquito.
  • Attributable gold production for the three months ended September 30, 2017, decreased 15% relative to the comparable period in 2016, with the decrease being in line with expectations and primarily due to lower attributable production from 777 and Minto.
  • On a silver equivalent ounce2 ("SEO") basis and gold equivalent ounce2 ("GEO") basis:
    • Attributable production in Q3 2017 was 14.9 million SEOs or 195,900 GEOs, compared with 15.3 million SEOs or 225,400 GEOs in Q3 2016, a decrease of 3% and 13%, respectively.
    • Sales volume in Q3 2017 was 12.0 million SEOs or 158,400 GEOs, compared with 11.9 million SEOs or 175,000 GEOs in Q3 2016, an increase of 1% and a decrease of 9%, respectively.
  • As at September 30, 2017, payable ounces attributable to the Company produced but not yet delivered³ amounted to 5.3 million payable silver ounces and 57,200 payable gold ounces, representing an increase of 1.1 million payable silver ounces and 8,200 payable gold ounces during the three month period ended September 30, 2017.
  • Declared quarterly dividend of $0.09 per common share. This represents an increase of 50% relative to the comparable period in 2016.
  • The Company is reiterating its production guidance for 2017.


18.11.17 13:34 #7 ruhige Vorbereitung für die Reise nach Norden

laangsam aber sischer ;-)

28.12.17 17:23 #8 Interessanter "Motley Fool"- Artikel

"Could Wheaton Precious Metals Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?"

Neha Chamaria (Nehams)
Dec 27, 2017 at 9:30PM
29.12.17 14:30 #9 Wheaton Precious Metals "buy"
14 Analysts "buy"
1 Analyst "overweight"
1 Analyst "hold"

The Wall Street Journal
05.01.18 17:35 #10 "What to Expect from WPM in 2018?
Why 2018 could be a good year for Wheaton Precious Metals stock"

Neha Chamaria (Nehams) | Jan 4, 2018 at 7:45AM
12.01.18 12:49 #11 WPM 21,13$

WPM findet gute Lösung für Primero Minings San Dimas Mine


12.01.18 17:30 #12 WPM 21,90$ (+3,6%)

Der Markt nimmt den Deal positiv auf, trotz des angepassten Streams, Vergleichsrechnung:

alter Stream mit Primero Mining

  • 5 Mio. oz Silber wurden für 4 $/oz an WPM geliefert, bei einem Marktpreis von 17$ hatte WPM ca. einen Gewinn von (16-4$/oz)* 5 Mio. oz = 60 Mio. $ p.a. gemacht

neuer Stream mit First Majestic Silver

  • WPM bekommt 25% der Au Eq Produktion zu 600$/oz
  • bei einer angenommen Au Eq Produktion von 100 koz, bekommt WPM 25% zu 600$ = 25 koz*(1300-600$/oz) = 17,50 Mio. Gewinn p.a.
  • allerdings muss man erst nochmal abwarten wie die Prognose von First Majestic Silver für die San Dimas Mine 2018 ausfallen wird
  • + einmalig 20,9 Mio. Aktien von AG (Wert ca. 140 Mio. $)

12.01.18 18:34 #13 Neuer Stream mit First Majestic Silver

Es ist sogar noch mehr...

"25% of gold productionplusan additional amount of gold equal to 25% of silver production converted to gold at a fixed gold to silver exchange ratio of 70:11 from San Dimas"

11.05.18 17:18 #15 WPM 21,72$
15.06.18 17:23 #16 WPM 22,26$
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