VMware im Galopp (EMC im Trab) ...

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21.08.07 18:10 #1 VMware im Galopp (EMC im Trab) ...
... Ende der Woche kommt die Entscheidung für das Umschichten von Aktien in VMware!

Was meint Ihr? Läuft die weiterhin besser als die Mutter EMC?

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30.11.07 17:33 #25 Up 27% since Monday's close...
November 29, 2007, 10:47 am
VMware: Merrill Ups Rating To Buy; Sets $105 Target
Posted by Eric Savitz

Merrill Lynch’s Kash Rangan today raised his rating on VMware (VMW) to Buy from Hold, and set a $105 price target on the stock.

“We believe VMware is emerging as the virtualization platform for next generation data centers,” he wrote in a research note. “Our work suggests the Street is pricing in a 30% probability that VMware will maintains its dominant market position, and 70% probability that it will end up as an oligopolist. We think the probability that VMware will maintain its dominant position is better than this.”

Rangan works through two scenarios for the future of VMW. One is that by 2011 the company still has 70% share; if that’s where we’re headed, he says, the stock is worth $143 right now. The other scenario is that the company has 40% share in 2011. That approach, he says, implies a current valuation of $62. Weighting the two scenarios, he comes up with his current $105 target. “Microsoft (MSFT), Citrix (CTXS) and Oracle (ORCL) are risks, but these competitors are 2-3 years behind VMware’s functionality and partner eco-system,” he writes. “VMware has to keep its technological lead in order to maintains its market share.”

In another note this morning, Citigroup’s Brent Thill discusses the prospects for VMW’s new ESX Server 3i software, a thin hypervisor that will be pre-installed on servers from Dell (DELL), Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), IBM (IBM) and NEC. Thill says the thin version of the software “is a significant step towards enhancing VMW’s already dominant position in the virtualization industry,” and a “pre-emptive strike” against future Microsoft and Citrix/Xen releases in the battle for the x86 server virtualization market.

Thill says that, assuming a lack of legitimate competitive threat until 2009, and the success of the thin version of its hypervisor, FY 09 earnings could be as high as $1.81 a share, well above his current estimate of $1.50.

VMware today is up $3.13, or 3.6%, at $90.82. The stock is now up almost 27% since Monday’s close at $71.44.
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04.12.07 13:36 #26 Presentation details...
PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW - News), the virtualization software leader, today announced Diane Greene, president and chief executive officer of VMware, is scheduled to present at the Lehman Brothers Annual Technology Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 5 at 7:30 a.m. PT / 10:30 a.m. ET. Greene's presentation will be webcast live at http://ir.vmware.com. A replay will be available for approximately twelve months at the same location.

04.12.07 13:37 #27 Virtualization software is likely to skyrocket...
The Virtues of Virtualization
S&P says spending on virtualization software and services is likely to skyrocket


04.12.07 13:38 #28 VMware Shakes Off Worries...
04.12.07 16:22 #29 100 USD im Anflug! Einsteigen ;)
... läuft weiter nach oben! Hält sich gut, nach Berichten von gestern!

Gesamtmarkt im Minus! VMware wie gestern im Plus. Sie zeigt Stärke ;)

Kursziele bald erreicht?

05.12.07 15:27 #30 sehen wir
noch diese Woche die 100 USD?  


05.12.07 19:28 #31 Ich bin fest ...
davon überzeugt!

Und dann Angriff auf die KZ 134 USD ;)


12.12.07 16:23 #32 juhu 100$
Last Trade: 100.89
Trade Time: 10:01AM ET
Change:  5.60 (5.88%)

so kanns weiter gehen  


12.12.07 16:56 #33 VMware Announces Support from SAP of VM.
 VMware Announces Support from SAP of VMware ESX Server for Production Environments
Responding to Customer Demand, VMware and SAP Establish Global Technology Partnership; VMware Infrastructure Supports SAP(R) Solutions with Both Windows and Linux on Industry-standard Hardware

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VMware, Inc., the virtualization software leader, today announced that SAP AG will provide immediate full support to its solutions in 64-bit Windows- and Linux-based production environments running on VMware ESX Server. Servers from Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM and Sun have achieved hardware platform certification for SAP(R) solutions running on Windows and Linux with VMware ESX Server, a component of the VMware Infrastructure software suite. VMware Infrastructure supports SAP solutions with both Windows and Linux on industry-standard hardware. SAP and VMware will assist joint customers in cooperative support services and problem resolution, backed by a global technology partnership agreement and dedicated support staffing.

"There has been overwhelming customer demand for SAP and VMware solutions. Support of SAP solutions on VMware ESX Server means customers can extend the numerous benefits of infrastructure virtualization to the business-critical and functionally rich SAP solutions in their IT environments," said Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware. "This support reflects the increasingly productive relationship between SAP and VMware, and it provides a sought-after solution for customers looking to combine the powerful process management capabilities of SAP solutions with the robust data center management and cost-saving features of VMware Infrastructure."

SAP solutions enable organizations of all sizes to manage business- critical processes using an enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) to quickly translate customer signals into operational response, respond faster to business and market changes, and provide built-in application integration. Customers who rely on SAP solutions to keep their businesses moving forward can deploy VMware ESX Server with SAP support for all stages of the software lifecycle from development and test to production.

VMware Infrastructure allows customers to turn industry-standard hardware into OS- and hardware-agnostic enterprise-class virtual infrastructure where entire server, storage and network farms can be managed as a shared utility and dynamically allocated to different business units or projects. This gives IT decision makers the ability to combat the continually escalating data center infrastructure and administrative costs incurred from hardware acquisition, management, power and cooling, real estate and disaster recovery; transform IT service levels; and simplify and automate their IT infrastructure.

"VMware Infrastructure has many benefits for hosted environments," said Benno Weidmann, vice president, hosting infrastructure management at SAP Hosting. "We've been able to automate internal business processes and increase service levels to internal customers. In addition, we have reduced costs with consolidation and automation of system deployment, as well as greatly reduced the required hardware for internal training and development systems. Altogether, virtualization helps us to lower costs, develop and automate user services, better manage hardware and software lifecycles, and improve production and capacity planning across a more unified infrastructure."

Customers that have been using VMware ESX Server with SAP solutions are successfully leveraging the benefits of virtualization for mission-critical SAP workloads. Support from SAP will enable customers to further extend the value of running SAP solutions on their virtualized infrastructures.

"Our Dynamic Services offering has been taking advantage of the benefits of VMware Infrastructure for use in SAP solution-based environments for a couple of years now," said Dr. Gregory Smith, director of dynamic services at T-Systems North America. "VMware solutions, combined with our own IP, give us high application availability, high server utilization and agile resource management, making it possible to give our customers using SAP solutions a true utility computing model at a lower cost than our competitors."

"We are very pleased with the results of virtualizing our SAP solutions- based environment," said Dave Swan, senior manager of IS&T Server Operations for EFI. "With VMware VMotion, we can do both scheduled and on-the-fly maintenance with zero downtime. We get excellent stability, as well; we can allocate resources as necessary to meet changing workloads without interruptions to our users. One unplanned benefit that we've leveraged to great advantage is the ability to spin up temporary test or proof-of-concept environments quickly, whenever we need them, which eliminates unnecessary delays in the software development cycle. VMware software has changed our whole concept of how to support SAP solution-based infrastructure, and we're able to serve the company much better than we could before we virtualized."

By supporting its applications in production environments running on VMware ESX Server, SAP enables its customers to capitalize on the robust benefits of infrastructure virtualization, including:

   -- Improved data center automation and management: Customers can more
      easily manage IT resources to boost performance of mission-critical SAP
      solution-based workloads
   -- Business continuity and data protection: VMware Infrastructure reduces
      downtime by automatically restarting virtual machines on different
      physical servers in the event of hardware failure, and the suite
      provides cost-effective, hardware-independent disaster recovery
   -- Reduced server sprawl: Customers can run SAP application layers in
      virtual machines that are consolidated onto fewer, highly scalable and
      reliable enterprise servers, enabling a smaller data-center footprint
      and lowering hardware costs
   -- Quick and easy server provisioning: New virtualized servers can be
      provisioned and new SAP solution-based environments can be set up in
      minutes instead of the hours or days it can take to acquire and set up
      new hardware

Customers also will benefit from the opening of the first Virtualization Competency Center (VCC) for SAP solutions in conjunction with AddOn Systemhaus GmbH, a leading consulting company. Situated in Walldorf, Germany, the center will be managed and run by AddOn and will provide customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with a facility where knowledgeable consultants help design, migrate and then optimize simulated deployments of SAP solutions on VMware Infrastructure.

More information on VMware's technology partnership with SAP can be found at http://www.vmware.com/SAP.

You can also attend a Webinar tomorrow entitled, "SAP Supports Windows in Production on VMware." Sign up for the Webinar at https://vmwareevents.webex.com/vmwareevents/onstage/g.php?p=130&t=m.

14.12.07 18:37 #34 Wer ist der Profiteur? EMC oder VMware?

Angehängte Grafik:
29.01.08 09:55 #35 was ist mit Vmware


29.01.08 09:58 #36 VMware verfehlt Umsatzerwartungen - Kurseinb.
Dienstag, 29.01.2008 08:49
PALO ALTO - Der US-Virtualisierungsspezialist VMware (NYSE: VMW, WKN: A0MYC8) kann zwar seine Gewinne im abschließenden vierten Quartal 2007 mehr als verdoppeln, bleibt aber hinter den Umsatzerwartungen des Marktes zurück, worauf VMware-Aktien nachbörslich um 26 Prozent einbrechen.

Für das vergangene vierte Quartal 2007 meldet VMware einen Umsatzanstieg um 80 Prozent auf 412,5 Mio. Dollar, nach Einnahmen von 229,6 Mio. Dollar im Jahr vorher. Dabei konnte VMware seinen Gewinn auf 78,2 Mio. Dollar oder 19 US-Cent je Aktie mehr als verdoppeln, nach einem Plus von 31 Mio. Dollar oder neun US-Cent je Aktie in im Vorjahreszeitraum.

Ausgenommen außergewöhnlicher Sonderbelastungen ergibt sich für das jüngste Quartal ein Nettogewinn von 26 US-Cent je Aktie, womit VMware zumindest die Gewinnerwartungen übertreffen konnte. An der Wall Street hatte man zunächst allerdings mit Einnahmen von 417,4 Mio. Dollar, aber nur mit einem Nettogewinn von 24 US-Cent je Aktie kalkuliert.


29.01.08 10:26 #37 Gleiches Spielchen...
wie immer! Der Ausblick enttäuscht, aufgrund von Rezessionsängsten. Die Aktie wird heute massivst abgestraft und EMC auch!

Ob die Zahlen von EMC besser ausfallen, werden wir noch vor Eröffnung der Märkte erfahren!
29.01.08 15:43 #38 kann doch nicht wahr sein...
fast 30 % runter, weil vmware den umsatz um 5 mio verfehlt hat?! gewinn ist mehr gestiegen als erwartet!!! also verstehen tue ich das nicht...  
29.01.08 16:38 #39 da stimm ich dir zu northface84

konnte vorhin nicht wiederstehen und hab meine Vmware Aktien aufgestockt  


24.04.08 15:05 #40 Wunschanalyse
Ganz schön wenig los hier. Dabei ist doch VMWare eine interessante Aktie. Auf Sharewise stehen nächste Woche einige IT-Werte als Kandidat für die wöchentliche Wunschanalyse an. VWWare ist auch dabei und liegt derzeit knapp vorne. Wer also mitvoten will bzw. die Analyse nächsten Mittwoch haben will, bitte hier:


(Registrierung ist kostenlos)  
29.04.08 15:53 #41 kauf VMW zu $ 68,07
erste posi... nun kommt es auf mittwoch an.... dann zweiter kauf entweder zu 58/63 oder 70/75...


Trading News, Tests & Handelssysteme ::: http://technewsde.blogspot.com/


01.05.08 20:44 #42 belasse es bei 50% zu $ 68,07
aktuell $ 70,29...


Trading News, Tests & Handelssysteme ::: http://technewsde.blogspot.com/
06.09.11 19:19 #43 Auch ...
nicht von schlechten Eltern, wie hier der Kurs hin- und herspringt!  


25.01.12 12:51 #44 Price Target 120 USD

Da ist noch einiges an Luft. Ich hoffe mal dass das auch weiterhin EMC anschiebt.  


21.08.12 19:21 #45 Viele verschlafen den Trend
diese Firma hat ein gutes Geschäftsmodell und wird wie bisher weiter wachsen...weil mal mit Cloud-Lösungen Geld - sprich Leute und Server einsparen kann.  
05.06.13 10:22 #46 Nix los hier?!
VMware scheint ja derzeit supergünstig zu sein, hat jemand evtl. Hintergrundinfos / Theorien warum der Kurs gerade absackt? Konkurrenz durch Microsofts HyperV? Verkaufzahlen zu VMwares Cloudlösung?

Denke hier ist Einiges an langfristiges Gewinnpotential (bis Ende des Jahres zB).
Was meint Ihr?

05.06.13 18:50 #47 @johnyflash: Kursdesaster

Das hat nichts mit Fundamentaldaten zu tun. Die Kurse werden von den Bigplayern bzw. von den automatischen Tradersystemen gemacht. Stichwort: "Hochfrequenzhandel". Angeblich erfolgen bereits über 70% der Order durch Computer.

Im Langzeitchart sieht man, dass der Kurs immer wieder bei ca. 52 Euro nach oben gedreht ist. Wenn wir Glück haben ist es dieses Mal auch so. Aber ich bin inzwischen sehr vorsichtig geworden, was die Chartanalyse betrifft. Die automatisierten Tradersysteme nutzen die Tatsache aus, dass sich viele Trader an den Charts orientieren und versuchen daraus Kapital zu schlagen. An Ausbruchsmarken wird gekauft und in Sekunden Bruchteilen danach gleich wieder verkauft. Der "ehrliche" Trader bzw. die Investoren sind die Dummen, weil sie schlechtere Kurse bekommen bzw. weil die Charttechnik nicht mehr funktioniert.



04.07.20 21:51 #48 Fool
dieser Artikel vom Februar beschreibt sehr gut das Geschäftsmodell von VMware


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