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04.01.08 16:05 #1 Sonic Technology Solutions A0MV9P
hat eine Technologie entwickelt,
um Ölsande vom nicht benötigten Bitumen zu trennen.
Vor kurzem ist Royal Dutch Shell eine Kooperation mit STS eingegangen.
Finde der Wert hat sehr viel Fantasie.
Was meint ihr dazu?
Würde mich über eure Meinungen freuen.  


09.01.08 16:02 #2 Sonic and Shell Canada Energy sign agreement
Vancouver, CANADA – SONIC Technology Solutions Inc. (“SONIC” or “the Company”;
SNV-TSX Venture Exchange) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary SonoOil Inc.
(“SonoOil”) has entered into an agreement with Shell Canada Energy (“Shell”), under which
Shell and SonoOil will work together to develop oil sand extraction process innovations.
Adam Sumel, CEO of SONIC, said, “This agreement stems from prior work undertaken by both
SonoOil and Shell, and is the culmination of extensive discussions to determine how the
companies can best collaborate. Successful collaboration holds the promise of improving the
economics of oil sands processing. The global oil sands industry represents an increasingly vital
resource, and thus an outstanding opportunity for SonoOil.”
SONIC’s investment in the project will depend on the outcome of each project phase, including
data collection and design, development tests and possible pilot plant testing. The project and
any intellectual property created will be owned by Sonic and Shell Canada. This is the first
collaboration and development project for SonoOil Inc., which was established and licensed
specifically to apply SONIC’s technologies in the oil sands industry.
About SONIC and SonoOil
SONIC develops and markets Sonoprocess™ technologies based on the Company’s core sonic
generator technology, the world’s only large-scale use of sonic energy in process industries.
Several potential process and environmental opportunities in the oil sands industry were
identified by SONIC and the Alberta Research Council in an extensive review of SONIC’s
proprietary technology. SONIC established and licenced SonoOil in 2006 and has since
undertaken preliminary work on process applications specific to this collaboration.  


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