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buran und MfG  


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02.07.18 10:52 #597 AFK Sistema shareholders approved the corpo.
Economics and business 30 June, 12:15 UTC + 3
The council consisted of Vladimir Evtushenkov, Felix Evtushenkov, Andrei Dubovskov, Mikhail Shamolin, and others.

MOSCOW, June 30. / TASS /. The shareholders of AFK Sistema have approved the Board of Directors of the corporation as before, TASS correspondent reports from the annual general meeting of shareholders.

The Board of Directors included Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the main beneficiary and chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK Sistema (owns 61.7% of the company), AFK First Vice-President Felix Yevtushenkov (owns 2.68% of shares), Sistema President Andrey Dubovskov and former president of the AFK, the head of the timber industry "daughter" of the "System" Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin.

Directors of the Corporation Board also remained the general director of the Sistema SRS Sergey Boev, as well as independent directors: the founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann, David Yakobashvili, the former president of Armenia Robert Kocharian, the former head of the Russian KPMG division Roger Mannings and the former Minister of Economy of Luxembourg Jeannot Cracke.

In addition, the Board of Directors again included the chairman of the board of directors of MTS, the former president of Deutsche Telekom Ron Sommer and professor of the Higher School of Economics Anna Belova (as an independent director of minority shareholders).

More on TASS:  
02.07.18 10:54 #598 Sistema assesses the impact of US sanctions
Moscow, June 30. AFK Sistema President Andrey Dubovskov assured shareholders that possible US sanctions against the company would not become an "insuperable obstacle" for her.

He stressed that Sistema realizes that restrictive measures "implemented by our esteemed friends" may hamper the work of the AFC, but this will not prevent it from servicing the public debt and investing, Tass writes.

"If there are sanctions, there are no categories of actions where we would encounter some insurmountable obstacles," Dubovskov stressed.

Previously, the main beneficiary of AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, did not rule out the possible problems if sanctions were imposed on him by the United States.

"It's always bad, but life continues, we will solve problems as they arise," he said.

On the letter of US congressmen, in which they announced the need to impose sanctions against AFK Sistema, it became known on June 22, against the background of this information, the company's ordinary shares in the MICEX trading lost 6.5% to the level of the previous closing.  
02.07.18 10:56 #599 so eine meldung ist wohl reine
02.07.18 10:58 #600 ich hab letztens weiter erhöht. Divi wird es
auch wieder geben.

AFK Sistema returns to dividend payments
AFK Sistema returns to payments in accordance with dividend policy, there is no question of its cancellation. This was stated during the shareholders' meeting by the president of the corporation Andrey Dubovskov.

"The Board of Directors of AFK Sistema, taking into account the requirement of a strategic goal to reduce the debt of the corporation, agreed with the temporary deviation of the corporation from the current dividend policy. It happened this year, - Mr. Dubovskov noted (quoted by TASS). But, nevertheless, we are determined to return to the previous dividend policy, it was not abolished. We intend to return to this policy.

Earlier, the board of directors of Sistema recommended paying dividends for 2017 in the amount of 0.11 rubles. per share and 2.2 rubles per GDR, which in the total amount of 1.062 billion rubles. Prior to this, Andrei Dubovskov warned that in 2018, payments for 2017 could be lower than the planned dividend policy because of payments to Bashneft.

Recall that in December last year, Rosneft and Bashneft filed a second claim against Sistema on damages that arose in connection with payments to the Tower.

Recall that in December last year, Bashneft filed a second lawsuit against the AFC on non-payment of dividends for 2009-2014 amounting to 131.6 billion rubles, after which the accounts of the corporation were arrested. The amount of the first claim was 170.6 billion rubles. The amicable agreement between the companies was signed on December 22, and in March the Moscow Arbitration Court discontinued the proceedings on the counterclaim of AFK Sistema to Rosneft and Bashneft to recover 330.45 billion rubles. losses. After that, the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria withdrew the arrest from all accounts of the corporation.
30.06.2018, 12:50  
03.07.18 10:20 #601 Sehe ich das richtig?
2,2 Rubel Dividende pro GDR für 2017 in 2018 = ca. 0,03 EUR bei Kurs 2,40 EUR = 1,25% Rendite und die Aussage, dass es 2018 wegen Bashneft weniger geben könnte.

Also das haut mich nicht vom Hocker. Da ist MTS alleine doch deutlich attraktiver, oder?    
03.07.18 10:53 #602 ja MTS ist da wohl attraktiver, zumal bei San.
en gegen sistema ist MTS davon nicht betroffen.

Bei sistema setze ich auch nur langfristig auf eine kurserholung, weil die beteiligungen an sich gut laufen. aufgrund der ganzen turbulenzen und der anstehenden schuldentilgung  wird das auch noch ne weile dauern. kein schneller uturn also zu erwarten.  
03.07.18 10:58 #603 mit der divi liegst du richtig, laut börsenzeitung
bestätigt. sind bei USD umrechnung 0,03eur

0,034569 USD
Ordentliche Dividende
04.07.18 09:43 #604 es gab bis jetzt aber immer noch eine
halbjahresdividende. das wird wohl auch beibehalten. sicher werden die wegen der rückzahlung der kredite für die strafzahlung erstmal geringer ausfallen.  
06.07.18 13:13 #605 Return to: BBR Home, Banking Services , Ret.

Retail Banking News
Sistema offloads controlling stake in MTS Bank to MTS
BBR Staff Writer
Published 06 July 2018

Russian conglomerate Sistema has sold its 28.63% stake in MTS Bank to Mobile TeleSystems for RUB8.27bn ($130m).

Mobile TeleSystems is a subsidiary of Russian telecommunications operator and digital service provider MTS.

As a result of the transaction, Sistema will be bringing down its stake in MTS Bank to 43.24%.

On the other hand, MTS will be raising its stake from 26.61% to 55.24% in MTS Bank, which ranks among the 50 largest banks in Russia.

The remaining stake in the Russian bank is held by other shareholders.

Founded in 1993, MTS Bank operates based on the universal banking business model, according to which a major portion of revenues is generated by lending to individuals and corporate clients. Its primary source of liabilities is customer funds, from both individuals and corporates.

According to Sistema, the transaction consolidates on the partnership launched between MTS and MTS Bank in 2011 to promote digital payment solutions and the issuance of credit cards and PoS loans.

The Russian conglomerate added that MTS Bank through the MTS partnership has expanded its customer base, streamlined its IT systems and business processes to eventually achieve sustained profitability last year.

By giving MTS the controlling stake in MTS Bank, the bank will be in a position to advance the build-out of the former’s platform of digital products and customized offerings in the fast-growing fintech business, said Sistema.

Sistema managing partner and MTS Bank board of directors chairman said: “MTS’s acquisition of a controlling stake in MTS Bank will accelerate development of the Bank, while allowing Sistema to monetize its investments in the banking sector.

“The transaction enhances MTS’s role as a digital service provider while its core telecom business will also benefit from higher penetration of data services and increased customer loyalty driven by adoption of fintech products.”

The transaction has secured all the mandatory regulatory and corporate approvals.

MTS president and CEO Alexey Kornya said: "The acquisition of the controlling stake in MTS Bank is in line with our strategy to diversify the business, achieve synergies and develop innovative financial services.

“The deal allows us to consolidate MTS business in the Russian FinTech market, which grows by more than 10% per year, simplifies corporate and operational management, and most importantly - accelerates the launch of new products.”  
09.07.18 10:39 #606 AFK Sistema sold a package of MTS Bank t.
hter for 8.3 billion rubles

05.07.2018 20:33

MTS reported on Thursday that it increased the stake in the bank to 55.24 percent, the share of direct ownership of AFC, respectively, decreased to 43.24 percent.
(Anastasia Teterewleva)  
09.07.18 10:48 #607 hier mal was zu der MTS Bank
PJSC MTS-Bank (formerly MBRD, INN 7702045051) is a universal commercial bank operating in the Russian banking services market since 1993. The main shareholder is the financial holding company AFK Sistema.

Net profit of PJSC MTS-Bank following the results of 2017 under RAS amounted to 2 billion rubles. The Bank's operating income for the year increased by 26% and amounted to 11.5 billion rubles. Net commission income of the Bank increased by 65% ​​to 4.4 billion rubles. The ratio of net commission income to operating income increased from 27% to 38%.

The number of clients for 2017 increased 1.7 times and amounted to 1.5 million. The funds on accounts of legal entities increased by 65% ​​to 43 billion rubles by the end of the year, and by individuals - 71 billion rubles. The volume of consumer loans for the reporting period increased 2.2 times, reaching 22.2 billion rubles. The volume of issuance of card products increased 6 times.

The Bank's net assets as of the end of 2017 increased by 8% to 139.4 billion rubles.  
19.07.18 13:18 #608 news AFK Sistema refinances Sberbank loans.
billion rubles

Vedomosti 11 July 12:56

AFK Sistema refinances three Sberbank loans worth 24 billion rubles. with a maturity in 2019-2020, according to the company's website. The parties have already signed a new unsecured loan agreement with a maturity of three years.

The new agreement allows us to lower rates, increase the duration of the debt portfolio and form a more comfortable schedule for Sistema's repayment of debt, the words of Vladimir Travkov, vice president of finance and investment, are quoted in the message.

AFK Sistema earlier this year paid 100 billion rubles. on an amicable settlement with Rosneft. For payments, the corporation used borrowed funds, among other things. President of AFK Sistema Andrey Dubovskov in April said that the corporation will seek to reduce the debt from almost 227 billion rubles. at the end of 2017 to a level of 160-190 billion rubles. by the end of 2018. Sistema is also thinking about refinancing the debt within a year, details will be determined by market conditions, Dubovskov said.

24.07.18 14:52 #609 steht weiterhin unter druck. keine entspannung.
24.07.18 15:14 #610 Mr. Cash Igor Sechin does not require an apo.
- only money

ECONOMY Alexey Polukhin
14:11 24 July 2018 editor-in-chief

Rosneft launches a new judicial epic. The company filed suits against the participants of the Sakhalin-1 Consortium for a total of 89 billion rubles. According to RBC, the areas where the state company and the international conglomerate extract oil are bordering each other. And due to geological reasons, part of the oil from the Chayvo North End (Rosneft) is physically flowing to the Odoptu and Arkutun-Dagi fields, which are being developed by Exxon Neftegas Limited, SODECO (Japan) and ONGC (India). "Rosneft" hired expert organizations and cheated losses for three years, having received the same amount of 89 billion rubles.

It can be assumed that foreign investors are in shock. First, even against the background of the sanctions war at the political level, there were no statements about the vendetta against foreign investors, and the Indians have nothing to do with it. Secondly, both ExxonMobil and ONGC are major partners of the Russian state-owned company, their cooperation has developed long ago and far beyond Sakhalin. Third, the lawsuit itself is unusual in terms of both Russian and international practice. Well, at last but not at least, the plaintiff figure, which has for the outcome of the process no less important than the legal side of the matter.

Just recall that earlier Rosneft won even a more complex claim from AFK Sistema. Sechin filed a lawsuit claiming that, under the management of Sistema, Bashneft, subsequently seized in state ownership and privatized by Rosneft, lost 136 billion rubles during the reorganization, which could have been paid as dividends. And these hypothetical dividends represented the lost profit of Rosneft, a sort of Schrodinger's cat, who was not in the bag at the time of privatization. The lawsuit was long, but the parties entered into an amicable agreement under which Sistema paid out 100 billion rubles.

24.07.18 15:24 #611 mal ein kleiner exkurs in die praktiken vom
russichen unternehmen Rosneft. so kann man ein land natürlich auch herunter wirtschaften.

For which Sechin company requires 89 billion rubles from its partners in "Sakhalin-1"

The Sakhalin Arbitration Court accepted the claim of Rosneft to the Sakhalin-1 project participants for a total of almost 89 billion rubles ($ 1.4 billion). Among the respondents are two "daughters" of Rosneft. The dispute spun around the Chayvo field in the north of Sakhalin.

In the court's decision to accept the claim for production, it is indicated that it is "about recovering unjust enrichment and interest for using other people's money."

Expert Marcel Salikhov, in a conversation with the BBC, called the claim of Rosneft unprecedented and strange.

The case of billions: how "Rosneft" Igor Sechin sued "Sistema"

Igor Sechin is waiting for a deficit in the oil market. Is he alone?

"The case came to this": Exxon withdraws from joint projects with Rosneft

The largest amount (for 26.7 billion rubles) of the company Igor Sechin requires Exxon Neftegaz Limited (the "daughter" of the US ExxonMobil) and the Japanese Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co.. (SODECO). Each of these companies owns 30% of the project.

The suit also includes Indian ONGC Videsh Limited.
Two more companies, to which claims are filed - Sakhalinmorneftegaz-shelf and RN-Astra, are affiliated with Rosneft, through which it controls 20% of the Sakhalin-1 project.

A preliminary court hearing on the suit of Rosneft is scheduled for September 10, 2018.

The company operator of Sakhalin-1 Exxon Neftegaz Limited said that it does not agree with the claims and intends to "take measures to protect the rights of the consortium." Representatives of Rosneft have not commented on this issue.

The essence of the dispute is that one part of the field is being developed by the Sakhalin-1 consortium, while the other part (the so-called Northern Chayvo) is Rosneft itself, the head of the Economics Department of the Institute of Energy and Finance, Marcel Salikhov, explained to the BBC Russian Service .

Rosneft believes that there is a flow of oil from their site, the northern one, which they themselves develop, to the central, southern part, which is being developed by Sakhalin-1. That is, they believe that the oil, which under license terms belongs to them, flows to that part of the field that is being developed by Sakhalin-1, and therefore they demand that this amount of oil flow back to them, "he explained.

According to the expert, there are such disputes in the oil industry, but usually the parties determine whether there is such a flow, and agree among themselves, without disagreeing in a public trial. In this sense, he calls the suit of Rosneft unprecedented.

"In this sense, I do not think there were such precedents, at least for large companies." And this looks strange, because Rosneft itself participates in Sakhalin 1. One can agree with their "daughters" somehow "- says Salikhov.

The source of RBC, close to the participants of the consortium, says that the flow of oil from one field to another is an old problem that the parties to the agreement recognize, but they can not solve by negotiation yet.

Another interlocutor of RBC notes that the reserves of Northern Chayvo are declining more than production at the field. "Whether it is lower in depth, or the PSA somehow pulls out wells out of the wells," he supposes.

According to Vedomosti, Rosneft received a license for the development of Northern Chayvo in 2011 at a tender for which only it was tendered, while the development of this field was carried out using the infrastructure of the Sakhalin-1 project and in cooperation with project partners.

In addition to Chayvo, the Sakhalin-1 project includes the development of two more deposits - Odoptu and Arkutun-Dagi, which are also located on the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin.

"Rosneft" under the direction of Igor Sechin is not the first time to get other large market participants to pay through the court.

The dispute with the "System"
In 2017, Rosneft filed a multi-billion claim against AFK Sistema. Claims, "Rosneft" were associated with the reorganization in the company Bashneft, which in 2009-2014 owned holding Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Since November 2016, Bashneft has become Rosneft's property.

Rosneft was confident that as a result of the reorganization that took place in 2014, Bashneft lost 106.6 billion rubles, and taking into account the dynamics of exchange rates, 170.6 billion rubles.

In August 2017, the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria ruled to recover 136.3 billion rubles ($ 2.3 billion) from AFK Sistema in favor of Rosneft.

The dispute of the companies reached the president Vladimir Putin, who in September said that he was counting on a settlement of lawsuits between the parties to the lawsuit.

As a result, Rosneft and Bashneft agreed terms of a settlement agreement with AFK Sistema. According to the agreement, Evtushenkov's company was to pay 100 billion rubles to Bashneft.  
30.07.18 13:22 #612 AFK Sistema has repaid the RFPI loan for 40.
n rubles
Moscow. 30 July. INTERFAX.RU - AFK Sistema signed an agreement with Bank Otkritie, within which it raised a loan of 15 billion rubles without collateral with a maturity in 2021, the corporation said.

Using this loan, as well as 5 billion rubles of its own funds, Sistema completed repayment of a loan of 40 billion rubles provided by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) and Gazprombank. Another 20 billion rubles were refinanced in the first quarter of 2018 due to a credit line from Sberbank.

"Attracting a loan from the Bank" Opening "allows you to withdraw collateral from Sistema's stake in PJSC Detsky Mir (52,099%) belonging to AFK Sistema," said vice president for finance and investment of AFK Vladimir Travkov, whose words are quoted in a press release .

A loan of 40 billion rubles Gazprombank and RFPI provided AFK Sistema to fulfill their obligations under the agreement of the Corporation with ANK Bashneft, Rosneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The loan was granted in February 2018 for 180 days.

The obligations were repaid ahead of schedule, the RFPI said, which, according to the head of the fund Kirill Dmitriev, was not only the organizer of the loan, but also the "financial guarantor of its execution." Early repayment of the loan shows that the goals of the settlement are "fully achieved," Dmitriyev quotes the RFPI.

The settlement agreement between Sistema and Rosneft was concluded at the end of 2017, under its terms Sistema pledged to pay Bashneft 100 billion rubles by March 30, 2018. The agreement provided for a phased transfer of AFK to Bashneft's accounts of 100 billion rubles under the "20 + 40 + 40" scheme, including at the expense of raised funds in the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) and Sberbank.

Because of the need to pay off with Rosneft in 2017, financial obligations of Sistema increased by 70.3% to 227 billion rubles.

Earlier, the corporation reported that it is aimed in the current year to reduce the debt burden to 160-190 billion rubles. at the end of 2018 and to less than 150 billion rubles. by the end of the second quarter of 2019.

In the bank "Otkrytie" they expect that cooperation with AFK "Sistema" will become a long-term one in the future. "We are ready for further implementation of joint projects in the sphere of financing the current and investment activities of the company, as well as working in the capital markets," said Ekaterina Chirkova, deputy director of the client relations department at the corporate-investment block of the Otkrytie Bank.  
31.07.18 10:23 #613 die targobank hat für die sistema aktien im de.
adr fees(angeblich für die verwahrung als weiterbelastung von kosten der verwahrungsstelle) berechnet und abgebucht. Gibt es diesbezüglich erfahrungen anderer? War die letzten jahre damit nicht belastet.  
31.07.18 10:27 #614 und wenn überhaupt wurde dies nur bei dividen.
szahlung mit verrechnet  
03.08.18 13:44 #615 Sistema
halte ich nicht, bei Rosneft gab es am 30.07. eine Dividende, da ist mir nichts Besonderes aufgefallen.

Bei Gazprom gib es aber einen Abschlag wg fremde Spesen und Auslagen. Da zieht eine Bank aus New York, die die ADR verwaltet immer noch was ab. Ich erinnere mich an eine Diskussion, ich glaube im Dividendenthread der Gazprom, da wirst Du so um den August/September 2017 fündig.

Bin mir nicht mehr sicher, aber ich glaube das ist die Mellon Bank in NY, die verdienen sich mit diesen Spesen dusselig. An der Bank ist Warren Buffett mit 2,5 Mrd. EUR drin...  
08.08.18 10:11 #616 das mit den sanktionen ist noch nicht vom tis.

MOSCOW, August 8. / TASS /. Shares of Sistema at the opening of trading Mossbirzhi fell by 4.5%, to the mark of 8.565 rubles per one paper, according to trade data.

However, almost immediately the company's shares began to reduce the decline. As of 10:20 Moscow time, the quotations were adjusted to the level of 8.82 rubles per share, which is 1.62% lower than the level of closing of previous trades

Shares of AFK Sistema show a decline amid news that the State Department is exploring the possibility of imposing sanctions against the company's main beneficiary, Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Restrictive measures against the entrepreneur can be taken within the framework of the Law on Counteracting the Enemies of America through Sanctions (CAATSA). Include Evtushenkov in the sanctions list is proposed because of "investment in construction in the Crimea."

Earlier in AFK Sistema they stated that they did not invest in the implementation of projects in the Crimea and did not receive any requests from the US authorities on this topic.

More on TASS:  
08.08.18 10:14 #617 möglicherweise könnte der verkauf von
detsky mir ein wenig auftrieb geben.

The main shareholder of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov said that the corporation is ready to sell a controlling stake in Detsky Mir without saving a minority stake, Interfax reports.

"If we sell, we will not leave a minority stake," Yevtushenkov added. He noted that there are already seven applicants for the purchase of the corporation's share in Detsky Mir, but did not name them.

At the end of July, AFK Sistema took 15 billion rubles. from the bank "Otkrytie" for three years. This allowed the corporation to refinance the loan of Gazprombank and RFPI and release 52% of Detsky Mir from bail, which it can sell.

RFPI and Gazprombank provided a loan of 40 billion rubles. to pay off the debt of AFK Sistema before Bashneft and Rosneft on an amicable settlement. For this, the corporation left a pledge in the form of a 52.09% stake in Detsky Mir and 90.47% of the Bashkir Electric Grid Company (BESK). Thus, the repayment of AFK Sistema loan freed "Children's World" from the bail. At the end of May, Evtushenkov announced the possibility of selling a controlling stake in the "Children's World". "Part will not sell exactly," he said.

Read more at RBC:
02.09.18 19:05 #618 ein Trauerspiel (?)
da berichtet man nur die positiven Daten zu den Zahlen der ersten 6M 2018. Überall scheinbar nur Wachstum im zweistelligen Bereich. Um dann im "Kleingedruckten" bzw. der GuV zu lesen, dass für die Aktionäre sogar ein Verlust in den ersten 6M 2018 entstanden ist.

Das verstehe ich nicht!? Es wird ein Gewinn von rd. 12000 Mio. Rubel ausgewiesen, davon entfallen 15000 Mio Rubel auf andere Parteien, entsprechend -3000 Mio Rubel auf die Aktionäre. Hä? bin ratlos.

komme mir etwas veräppelt vor. Werde wahrscheinlich dieses Jahr aus steuerlichen Gründen die Aktien wieder verkaufen, nachdem ich erst Anfang 2018 eingestiegen bin (zu 2,90 EUR). Damals dachte ich, das schlimmste sei vorbei. Doch nicht..  


03.09.18 10:23 #619 die kursverluste werden derzeit kaum gestoppt
.sinkt nun schon länger mit einer kontinuität, fast schon ein trend. momentan muss man wohl zugestehen, dass sich wohl nix ändert, so lange die politische lage bzw. die konflikte sich  mit russland nicht auflösen. und danach sieht es wohl aus.

AFK Sistema will be engaged in metal casting
She invested 1.8 billion rubles in the European metallurgical company

August 31 17:35 Polina Trifonova / Vedomosti
AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov invested 1.8 billion rubles. during 2018 in the European metallurgy Silbitz Group with foundry assets in Germany and Slovakia, follows from the report of "System". The share of AFK Sistema in the metallurgy is now 22% - the Russian company bought a stake from Deutsche Beteiligungs, the largest shareholder of the Silbitz Group.

A representative of Sistema explained that this is a financial investment. The representative of Silbitz Group has not yet responded to the request of Vedomosti.

Silbitz Group owns three metallurgical plants - two in Germany and one in Slovakia. At factories, the company casts parts and structures for the construction, automotive, railway, industrial, and energy industries. Annually the company produces metal products with weight from 10 kg to 45 tons by individual order, it follows from the materials on the site. Revenue Silbitz Group in 2017 - 157 million euros.

"The company is interesting and technological - it offers opportunities for producing ductile cast iron using 3D printing technology. The silbitz blanks produced are ideal for power engineering. In Russia, the production of such large billets and castings (up to 45 tons) is poorly developed, "says Maxim Khudalov, director of the corporate ratings group of ACRA.

But the company is hardly profitable, the expert believes. If the company's profitability is about 5-10% for EBITDA, then Sistema's investment does not look overvalued, he emphasizes. "Perhaps the investment in the project is interesting in the process of import substitution of production of turbines in Russia," he concludes.

Recently, it became known about the participation of AFK Sistema in the business of Global Petroleum Group (GPG), which is exploring and drilling next to the island state of Grenada in the Caribbean. Sistema provided two loans to exploration and drilling for GPG: the first - unsecured for $ 69.2 million, the second for $ 100 million secured by 19% GPG, its "System" can convert to GPG shares, the company reported in its internal report, with which were familiarized with Vedomosti.  
03.09.18 10:44 #620 @MiG29G: ich habe noch nicht in die zahlen g.
t, aber womöglich haben sie die strafzahlung wegen der Rosneft/Bashneft Geschichte mit drin. Und soweit ich mich erinnern kann, wurde die Rechnungslegung(IFRS) umgestellt oder nur neue Standards angenommen. In der ersten Anwendungsphase kommt es da immer zu unterschieden.

The loss of Bashneft did not discourage AFK Sistema from interest in the oil and gas industry
But now the company is looking for raw materials not in Russia, but in Grenada

August 27 22: 46Alexander Vorobiev, Vitaly Petleva / Vedomosti

About the participation of AFK Sistema in the business of the Grenadian company Global Petroleum Group (GPG), which is exploring and drilling near the island state of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea, according to the internal report of Sistema. Vedomosti got acquainted with the document. Information from the report was confirmed by a person who knows about him from the managers of Sistema. Such a project does exist, two people close to Sistema confirmed it.

GPG in 2008 received a license from the Government of Grenada for 38 years to explore and produce oil and gas on blocks B, C, D2, D3, D4, D5, with the government concluded a production sharing agreement. In 2013, Sistema Holding (Cyprus), a 100% subsidiary of Sistema, bought 50% of Belize's Multiple Investments, which is the sole owner of GPG for $ 10.5 million. The seller is not named in the report, the other 50% in the project belong to the citizen of Cyprus Eduard Vasiliev, who is also the director of GPG.

Evtushenkov will not give up the dividends of Sistema for 2017
Later, Sistema provided two loans for exploration and drilling to GPG: the first was unsecured for $ 69.2 million, the second for $ 100 million against a collateral of 19% of GPG, its "System" can convert to GPG shares, the report said.

artikel gekürzt, kostenpfl.
03.09.18 10:46 #621 neuigkeiten zu dem geplanten MediCenter von
der Beteiligung Medsi/AFK Sistema

MOSCOW, Aug. 31 - RIA Real Estate. The medical center will appear on Michurinsky Prospect, according to a press release issued by Moskomstroyinvest.

Capital Group together with AFK "Sistema" erect a residential complex of skyscrapers with a height of 52 floors per 100 thousand square meters of housing.

"The developer of the residential complex" Sky "at the address: Michurinsky Prospekt, possession of 56 (ZAO) received permission to build a medical center with a total area of ​​34.3 thousand square meters," it says. The permit is valid until August 2020.

As specified by RIA Real Estate in the press service of Moskomstroyinvest, the developer is LLC "Project Michurinsky." In turn, Sistema's managing partner, Artem Sirazutdinov, added to the agency that Medsi is the investor in the construction of the medical center, which will manage it in the future.

The construction of the facility will be carried out on a 4.5 hectare site, where since January 2018 there has also been the construction of a residential complex "Nebo" with a total area of ​​157.325 thousand square meters with parking and a kindergarten.

It is planned that the medical complex will include a clinical and diagnostic center for adults and children, a day hospital, a 24-hour hospital with departments of high-tech surgery and neurosurgery, a maternity hospital and a pediatric department.

The construction of a multifunctional residential complex is planned to be completed in 2020.

RIA Novosti  
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