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buran und MfG  


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20.04.18 13:42 #563 Gedanken
Quartal is mir neu, hab immer nur HJ  
07.05.18 13:19 #564 mir ist auch keine änderung bekannt.
und siehe da, besserer ausblick von S&P

S & P improved the outlook on the rating of the development subsidiary "AFK Sistema"
  General news 04/26/2018 09:22
International rating agency S & P Global Ratings on Wednesday revised the outlook for long-term credit ratings of Leader-Invest (AFK Sistema's subsidiary) from negative to positive.

The company's long-term and short-term ratings are affirmed at 'B / B'.

The change in the forecast reflects the company's progress in extending the maturities of its debt obligations and improving its liquidity position.  Earlier, Leader Invest placed bonds worth 5 billion rubles with maturity in February 2023.

In addition, the revision of the forecast reflects the stabilization of the credit indicators of the parent company, which settled disputes with Rosneft (MOEX: ROSN) and Bashneft.

Leader Invest is a development company established by AFK Sistema.  The company sells residential and commercial real estate in Moscow, as well as projects in the area of ​​integrated development of territories.
07.05.18 13:21 #565 Media: Detsky Mir plans to enter the market o.

MOSCOW, May 7 - PRIME. Retail network for the sale of children's products "Children's World" is exploring the possibility of entering the Belarusian market, including considering the purchase of an active local player, the Kommersant newspaper reports on Monday, citing sources familiar with the company's plans.

According to one source, the company recently began to explore the possibility of renting premises in Belarusian shopping centers. The press service of the "Children's World" did not provide the newspaper with details on this topic.

It would be logical for a retailer to go to Belarus through the purchase of a local player, said partner and director of the brokerage division of Colliers International in Belarus, Andrei Aleshkin. According to him, the only major player of a similar format in the country is the Buslik network,

The source of the publication also announced the possibility of purchasing Buslika's "Children's World" business. According to him, earlier Buslik himself came out with a proposal to the "Children's World" for sale.

The head of the department of marketing "Buslika" Alena Shapel told the newspaper that she does not have information about the purchase of the network by a Russian retailer. The representative of the "Children's World" Nadezhda Kiseleva at the request of the newspaper replied that there are no interested offers in Belarus now.

The Detsky Mir group combines the Detsky Mir and ELC (Early Learning Center) networks. AFK Sistema AFKS + 0.37% owns 52.1% of Detsky Mir shares, the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund (RCIF, established by the Russian Direct Investment Fund and China Investment Corporation) - another 14%. Free float network is 33.9%.  
07.05.18 14:03 #566 Gedanken
Good News

Aber die Aktie weiter gewaltig unter Druck ...

Für mich bleibt es ein schlafender Riese.
14.05.18 16:11 #567 AFK Sistema will create a network of apartho.
of aparthotels on the site of the Moscow ATS
10:11 05/14/2018

MOSCOW, May 14 - RIA Real Estate.  The company "Business Real Estate", a member of AFK Sistema, will build the first 3-star apart-hotel on the site of the automatic telephone exchange at the Teply Stan metro station in Moscow in 2018, Vedomosti reported on Monday.

Until 2020, "Business Real Estate" intends to create a network of aparthotels Cosmos Stay.  The average investment in each of the projects to 150 rooms will be about 350 million rubles.  To hand over the numbers "Business-real estate" plans both for rent and for a long term, it is written in the article.

The first project for 157 rooms under the new Cosmos Stay brand will appear on Profsoyuznaya Street.  Investments in construction will amount to about 500 million rubles.  The company is also considering the possibility of constructing aparthotels on Novatorov Street and next to the metro station "University", the newspaper notes.

Sistema's ATS in Moscow was no longer used at the beginning of 2010, when MGTS's company moved to digital technology. Sistema considered various options for further development of these facilities - from reconstruction to hotels to demolition and construction on their place of housing.

AFK Sistema is reconstructing old automatic telephone exchanges not only in hotels.  The "Leader Invest" corporation that is located in the place of the stations builds housing and apart-complexes.  Now in its portfolio, according to the company, 38 such projects with a total area of ​​483 thousand square meters.

РИА Новости  
14.05.18 16:14 #568 AFK Sistema sells part of the residential area.
the territory of Zilya

Investors can buy up to 50% of the project "ZiL-yug"

Sistema can sell up to 50% to outside investors in the company - the developer of the ZiL-Yug project, the investment offer of the holding, which Vedomosti reviewed, follows. It says that we are talking about LLC "Development", which was created by AFK "Sistema" and LSR Group just for the construction of the territory of the plant. This company was the only bidder to buy 100% of the shares in OOO ZiL-Yug in December 2015. The latter owns the rights to 109 hectares of land, where it is planned to build 1.7 million square meters. m real estate, of which about 1.1 million square meters. m - housing.  
14.05.18 17:18 #569 Gedanken
15.05.18 09:13 #570 die aktivitäten seitens sistema sind jedenfalls
enorm hoch. verkäufe von projekten oder teilen davon sehe ich positiv, weil es sicher auch cash generiert. den aufbau von einer hotelkette dagegen als eher neutral. das scheint das übliche bild heutzutage zu sein. der reisemarkt ist noch ein wachstumsmarkt (aparthotels Cosmos Sta). wie es in russia mit den hotelmarkt aussieht, kein plan.  
22.05.18 09:49 #571 The AFK Sistema agroholding will be engaged.
smart farming

The company will develop an IT platform that should reduce costs and increase yields.
 May 22nd 00:22   Ekaterina Burlakova  / Vedomosti

SFS Sistema , the Steppe Group of Companies, intends to introduce a special monitoring and analytical IT platform to increase efficiency in crop production.  This was told to "Vedomosti" by the general director of the agricultural holding company Andrey Neduzhko.

GC "Steppe" is created on the basis of agricultural assets in dairy farming, plant growing and horticulture, which AFK Sistema bought in 2014-2015.  from the former general director, and now the minority shareholder of the group Konstantin Averin.  At the same time, the corporation acquired from VTB a producer of greenhouse vegetables "Agrokombinat Yuzhny".  The group also actively increased the land bank: at the end of 2017 it reached 380,000 hectares in the Kuban, Stavropol and Rostov regions, follows from the report of Sistema for the I quarter of 2018.

verkürzter artikel
22.05.18 09:52 #572 dividende in aussicht
AFK Sistema may pay final dividends-2017 at the rate of 0.11 rubles per share
21.05.2018 11:31

The Board of Directors of AFK Sistema recommended paying dividends on the results of the reporting year 2017 in the amount of 0.11 rubles per ordinary share. This was reported by the company.

To pay dividends it is proposed to send 1.061 billion rubles. The source of payment of dividends based on the results of the reporting year 2017, as well as dividends paid on the results of 9 months of 2017, determine the retained earnings of previous years. The retained earnings of previous years after dividends are not distributed.

The date on which the persons entitled to receive dividends are determined is proposed to be established on July 19, 2018.

The annual general meeting of shareholders of Sistema, on which the recommendation of the Board of Directors is to be approved, will be held on June 30.
22.05.18 09:55 #573 schuldenreduzierung im vordergrund..

The Board of Directors of Sistema recommended that 1.066 billion rubles be allocated for the payment of dividends for the results of 2017 - 0.11 rubles per one ordinary share or 2.2 rubles per one GDR. Deviation from dividend policy is due to the fact that the corporation sets a priority task to reduce its debt.

You can expect that by playing this news, the company's shares may lose another 0.5%. This news has become quite expected, since the president of AFK Andrey Dubovskov has already stated earlier that the dividends of the corporation for 2017 may be less than those stipulated by the dividend policy.
Source: GC Forex Club - "Shares of AFK Sistema" may fall in price by 0.5% on news about small dividends  
22.05.18 18:18 #574 Gedanken
Kursmässig tut sich aber nicht s  
23.05.18 00:42 #575 denke auch, da wird sich erstmal wenig tun
30.05.18 10:12 #576 MI-AFK System can sell a controlling stake in.
retailer Detsky Mir - RBC
28.05.2018 11:13

(Reuters) and is negotiating with three potential buyers, the newspaper RBC reported on Monday with reference to the main owner of the Vladimir Yevtushenkov System.
* According to him, the system thinks about selling the whole package and will not sell the part.
* There are three applicants for the Children's World package, the parties are discussing whether the System will be able to sell a controlling stake with a premium.
* "If we are satisfied with the prize for control, then maybe we will sell it." If not, we will not rush, "he says.
Reuters is not responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the information in this material.
The original article is available at (Olga Sichkar)
04.06.18 07:54 #577 Gedanken
Stress scheint man mit dem Verkauf nicht zu haben ...
Realität oder Hoher Poker?

Mir gefallen die intressanten Projekte in China & Indien.

06.06.18 00:13 #578 Gedanken
Top Q.1 zahlen & keine Wirkliche Kurs Reaktion  
06.06.18 10:54 #579 geht wohl doch schneller als gedacht
FC Sistema is ready to sell a controlling stake in Detsky Mir, subject to a good premium

Economy and business 5 June, 18:13 renewal: June 5, 18:27 UTC + 3

It is specified that at present, AFC is completely satisfied with the position of the retailer in the market

MOSCOW, June 5. / TASS /. AFK Sistema is ready to sell a controlling stake in Detsky Mir, if a good premium is offered for it, the president of the corporation, Andrei Dubovskov, said during a teleconference.

"We will be ready to sell the" Children's World "if the potential buyer offers a very good bonus for this control," Dubovskov said.

He stressed that at the moment, AFC is fully satisfied with the position of the retailer in the market.

The corporation did not specify whether there is currently a potential buyer of the AFK stake in Detsky Mir. At the same time, the top manager noted that the corporation will be more ready to discuss the sale of Detsky Mir to the fall of this year.

Previously, the main beneficiary of AFK Sistema Vladimir Evtushenkov informed RBC that there are three candidates for the Children's World. According to him, the parties are discussing the possibility of selling a controlling stake in Detsky Mir with a premium.

"Children's World" - the largest network of products for children in Russia. The revenue of the retailer in 2017 increased by 22% - to 97 billion rubles. AFK Sistema owns 52.1% of the Children's World. The Russian-Chinese investment fund - 14%, another 33.5% of the shares of the retailer are traded on the Moscow stock exchange, the remaining shares - from the company's management.
06.06.18 11:01 #580 AFK Sistema published strong financial results.
06.06.2018 11:20 News and comments

AFK Sistema is ready to sell a controlling stake in Detsky Mir, if a good premium is offered for it, a vice-president for finance and investments of the corporation said during a teleconference

Revenues of PJSC AFK Sistema in Q1 2018 under IFRS increased by 6.2% yoy and amounted to 170.9 billion rubles, the company said. Excluding the impact of new IFRS standards, the Group's revenue increased 6.1% yoy to 170.7 billion rubles.

Sistema noted continued growth in revenue due to strong results of public companies, as well as Segezha Group, Aged Holding STEP, Medsi and MTS Bank. OIBDA, MTS, Detsky Mir, Segezha Group, STEP and Binnopharm Agroholding grew at a double-digit pace, thanks to good operating results and the impact of new IAS 15 and 16 standards.

The adjusted OIBDA increased by 30% year-on-year to 59.5 billion rubles, while the adjusted OIBDA margin was 34.8%. Excluding the impact of the new IFRS standards, the adjusted OIBDA increased by 7.5% yoy to 49.2 billion rubles, while the adjusted OIBDA margin was 28.8%

Adjusted net loss in the share of AFK Sistema amounted to 215 million rubles. At the same time, without taking into account the impact of the new IFRS standards, the adjusted net profit in the share of AFK Sistema amounted to 612 million rubles.

AFK Sistema published strong financials for 1Q18. Strong dynamics of MTS, Detsky Mir, Segezha and the agricultural holding STEP helped to outperform the company's consensus forecasts. In 1Q18, Sistema attracted sufficient funding to fulfill its financial obligations under a settlement agreement with Rosneft, Bashneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan, which led to a sharp increase in net debt (217.7 billion rubles in 1Q18 vs. 107.8 billion in 1Q17), while quarterly debt increased by only 2.0%.

Taking into account the strategic goal of the group to reduce the corporate debt burden, the board of directors agreed to deviate from the current dividend policy of the group and recommended repaying 1,061.5 million rubles. (0.11 rubles per share) as final dividends for 2017. In total (including dividends paid for 9M17), the dividend amount for 2017 will be 7,623 million rubles. (dividend yield of about 7.6%). During the teleconference, management indicated the intention to monetize the company's assets (especially Detsky Mir and Segezha) in order to maintain stable dividend payments in the future, but such proposals will only be considered if an acceptable price is offered.  
07.06.18 11:36 #581 AFK Sistema has found a buyer for the Marr.
Courtyard Hotel in the center of Moscow
June 7 01: 54Anton Filatov / Vedomosti

The hotel will get the structure associated with the owner of the Ritz-Carlton on Tverskaya

AFK Sistema found a buyer for a Marriott Courtyard hotel at 171 rooms near Paveletsky Station, told the "Vedomosti" three consultants who worked with participants in the potential deal, and confirmed two people close to the different sides of the negotiations. According to them, the buyer will be the structure associated with the top managers of the hotel business of the Kazakhstan investment company "True Capital". Its main owner is former manager of Kazakhstan Bulat Utemuratov. In her portfolio of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, in Astana and Vienna, as well as Rixos Borovoe on Shchuchye Lake in Kazakhstan.

The parties planned to close the deal in May, but the timing shifted to July, Vedomosti interlocutors added.  
13.06.18 12:09 #582 übertragung von aktien und zukauf

20:26, 8 June 2018
Evtushenkov gave his son a 2.5% stake in AFK Sistema
Moscow. June 8. INTERFAX.RU - Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov transferred 2.5% of the company's shares to his son Felix Yevtushenkov.

The share of V.Yevtushenkov in the AFC as a result decreased to 61.703%, F.Evtushenkova - rose to 2.6817%, Sistema said.

This step is "an example of the implementation of a new concept of corporate governance, which provides for the personal participation of top managers in the capital of the group companies," said Sistema's Sergei Kopytov. Evtushenkov will continue to maintain a majority stake in the authorized capital of AFK Sistema, he stressed.

We are talking about 241 million 250 thousand shares of Sistema, the transaction was cash-strapped, follows from the report of the AFC. The market value of such a package is about 2.4 billion rubles.

Simultaneously, Sistema reported that it bought 0.0102% of AFK's charter capital by Andrey Dubovskov, the newly appointed head of the corporation.

"I believe in the future of Sistema." The corporation will continue to dynamically develop as a leading public investment company creating value for shareholders through investments in promising projects, development of portfolio companies and effective monetization of assets, "Dubovsky said, whose share in the capital of AFC now it is 0.0242%. Shares of the head of "System" purchased at a price of 10,155 rubles. up to 10.19 rubles.

The largest asset of Sistema is a controlling stake in MTS operator, AFK also owns stakes in Detsky Mir, Segezha Group, Steppe, Medsi, and others.  
13.06.18 12:11 #583 The owner of the bank "Derzhava" is looking .
buyer for its NPF
13.06.2018 08:52

The majority shareholder of the non-governmental pension fund (NPF) Federation is looking for a buyer for its asset. The fund is interested in Sovcombank and AFK Sistema, writes Kommersant.

The owner of the "Derzhava" bank, included in the top-200, is looking for a buyer at NPF "Federation" (in the past - NPF "Captain"). "We did hold meetings with some groups interested in purchasing NPFs. And in the most advanced stage we are with one bank from the top twenty ", - confirmed the chairman of the board of directors of the Federation and the member of the board of directors of the bank Derzhava Alexey Skorodumov.

The source of the publication, close to Sovcombank, said that the bank was studying NPF Federation, although it is difficult to call negotiations advanced. "The bank has never bought pension funds and, most likely, once again does not buy," he added. Negotiations on the sale of NPF Federation are also conducted with the structures of AFK Sistema, a source close to the holding told the publication.

According to the newspaper, the shareholder of NPF "Federation" estimates the fund at 13-15% of assets. According to Skorodumov, with a conservative yield of 8% per annum, the fund can earn 1.8% of assets per year (taking into account a reward of 0.75% of the average value of the fund's net assets for the year and 15% of the investment income received by the Fund).

According to the source of the publication close to AFK Sistema, the company is considering the purchase of the fund, based on the multiplier 4-6% of assets. "At a price of more than 7%, buying NPFs is simply futile, if you do not fund its projects with funds," he adds.

"Fund prices fell by half. Now the fund is simply being asked for too much, "the source of the newspaper said, close to Sovcombank. According to him, "in theory you can buy at the proposed price, but such a deal will pay off in just ten years." However, according to Skorodumov, selling the fund for 7% of the assets is "just ridiculous."

However, according to experts, at present the pension industry is rather a market of buyers, not sellers. The last deal on NPFs working in the mandatory pension insurance system was a year and a half ago.  
18.06.18 15:17 #584 eher nebensächlich
Development of family ties
In the family of AFK Sistema owner there is one more developer

A new player, Vera Evtushenkova, daughter-in-law of the majority shareholder of AFK Sistema, was discovered on the Moscow real estate market. She moved to a site in the center of Moscow, owned by a father-in-law company. On the basis of the historical building of the automatic telephone exchange constructed in the style of constructivism, Ms Evtushenkova with partner Teimuraz Shengelia, the former top manager of the Detsky Mir network, will create a complex of apartments.

The construction project on the site of the former automatic telephone exchange at Bakuninskaya Street near the subway station Baumanskaya will be implemented by Vesta Development, followed by an invitation to the site presentation. Earlier this site was in the portfolio of Leader-Invest (part of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov): the developer was looking for designers to build a hotel here. In September 2015, the Moscow mayor's office approved the construction project on the site of ATS 15 thousand square meters. Now the complex of apartments Tatlin Apartments for 18 thousand square meters is planned here. m. The press service of "Leader-Invest" told Kommersant that the company sold the project. The parameters of the transaction are not disclosed.

In the project declaration Tatlin Apartments indicated that the developer of the apartments is Bakuninskaya LLC, which, according to, is now owned by Vesta LLC. Earlier, 50% of Bakuninskaya was owned by Leader-Invest, as much as Business-Real Estate, the second structure that provides the interests of AFK Sistema in the real estate market. "Vesta" is owned by Teimuraz Shengelia and Vera Evtushenkova. Mr. Shengelia is the general director of Vesta Development. Previously, he served as deputy general director of the retail network Detsky Mir (also owned by AFK).

Vesta Development stressed that the company has nothing to do with Sistema. The source of Kommersant, who is familiar with the family of the shareholder of the holding, says that Vera Evtushenkova is the wife of Felix Yevtushenkov, the son of the majority shareholder of Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov. In the "System" they declined to comment.

In the development market, the Evtushenkov family has long been known: in 1994, Sistema founded Sistema-Hals, which was the first Russian developer to conduct an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. In the crisis of 2008-2009, the developer went under the control of VTB and later changed its name to "Hals Development". Then AFK Sistema created the company Leader-Invest, which was transferred from MGTS (it is controlled by MTS Vladimir Yevtushenkov) to the construction of former ATS sites. Now in the portfolio of "Leader-Invest" - 42 projects with a total area of 520 thousand square meters. m.

Vesta Development, having bought a site and a building on Bakuninskaya Street (together with it the business center in the neighborhood moved to the company), developed a new project and coordinated it in the architectural council of Moscow. Tatlin Apartments involves the reconstruction of automatic telephone exchanges (built in the style of constructivism): it is planned to restore the facade, preserving the volume of the historic building, and make the superstructure. Now there is a transfer of the site to the general contractor, the apartment reservation has been opened, Vesta Development reported. Director (monitoring system of new buildings) Sergey Lobzhanidze estimated the minimum cost of construction and installation works within the project in 2.5 billion rubles. According to him, now the area in Tatlin Apartments is 245 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m, by the end of construction the price can grow up to 300-320 thousand rubles.
18.06.18 15:20 #585 Segezha Group's revenues increased by 21.7%
Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema), a leading Russian vertically integrated timber holding with a full cycle of logging and deep processing of timber, announces unaudited consolidated results of operations in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 1 for the 1st quarter of 2018.

Revenues in ruble terms increased by 21.7% year-on-year to 11.5 billion rubles.

The OIBDA2 index increased by 71.0% year-on-year to RUB2.2 bn. The OIBDA margin was 18.9%.

Mikhail Shamolin, president and chairman of Segezha Group, said:
"In the first quarter of 2018, Segezha Group demonstrated high operating performance and continued to actively implement development plans aimed at further growth of financial and operational results.

According to the results of the first quarter, revenue increased by 21.7% year-to-year. Such a high growth was achieved due to the growth of production volumes, an increase in demand in most markets of presence and, as a result, an increase in the price level for the company's products. The company has increased the performance and production of all key products of the group. Due to the above factors, as well as the methodical work of management to reduce logistics and other operating costs, the group's OIBDA increased by more than 70% year-to-year. We are systematically working to improve business performance and, following the results of 2018, we forecast significant growth of OIBDA. The ratio of net debt / LTM OIBDA from the company is at 4.4. By the end of this and throughout the next year, we plan to significantly reduce this figure and further keep the debt at a comfortable business level. In our arsenal, unique competitive advantages - high-quality raw materials and low production costs. The key priority now is to increase production so as to make the most of the good price environment in the paper and wood products markets this year. "

Revenues a year-to-year increased mainly due to growth in sales of paper and packaging, as well as an increase in average annual prices for sawnwood, paper bags, paper, glued beam and housekits. Positive impact on revenue also had a weakening of the ruble against the euro (about 27% of the revenue of the group is denominated in euros).

OIBDA growth is due to revenue growth, as well as price increases for most of the group's key products and optimization of logistics costs. Negative impact on the indicator has an increase in the cost of raw materials in the market. The share of own logging is 56.3%, which is due to the growth in production volumes.

The net loss is mainly due to the revaluation of exchange differences and interest expenses aimed at paying off the debt used to implement the investment program.

Capital expenditures for the implementation of the investment program are in accordance with the approved plan. The Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill is being modernized, the new plywood plant in Kirov is being launched in the second quarter of 2018.  
18.06.18 15:25 #586 Segezha Group is negotiating in Europe for th.
ply of equipment for the production of CLT-panels

The leaders of the division "Domostroenie" Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema) and the flagship of the domestic house-building as part of the company - the Sokol Woodworking Plant - visited the enterprises of the leading European manufacturers of glued beam, beam and CLT panels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Against the backdrop of the growth of the European market of wooden housing construction, the timber holding company is negotiating the purchase of equipment for the creation in Russia of the first plant for the production of CLT panels for multi-storey wooden housing construction.

Construction of the workshop for the production of CLT Russia's largest producer of glued wooden structures is planning to start as early as 2018. The volume of investments in new production will be about 1.5 billion rubles. The construction period is about 1.5 years.

Representatives of the plant held a series of working meetings with manufacturers of modern industrial equipment Weinig AG and Minda Industrieanlagen GMbH.

"We have been working in close contact with leading European manufacturers of wood construction equipment for 1.5 years," said Dmitry Rudenko, vice president of the Segezha Group, head of the division "Domostroenie", "designing the plant, an innovative, complex and very interesting task." " soon we will launch a new production of cross-glued panels, strengthening the leadership position of the Sokol Woodworking Plant in the market of wooden housing construction. "

CLT-panels (cross-glued panels) - a modern environmentally friendly building material, which is a cross-glued layers of softwood, which in their strength characteristics are not inferior to traditional concrete, steel and brick, and according to environmental, operational and even cost, especially the pace of construction, they are far superior. The material has high fire-resistant characteristics, the coefficient of noise and thermal insulation. Modern construction technology based on CLT has proven itself in Europe, the United States and Japan. In 2018 in Russia wooden housebuilding was named one of the priority directions of the strategy for the development of the forest industry until 2030.  
21.06.18 11:08 #587 AFK Sistema sold 10% stake in Indian Relian.
Business, 09:50

Sistema fully sold its stake in the Indian telecommunications company Reliance Communications (RCom), according to the Есomomic Times with reference to the representative of Sistema. Reliance Communication. According to him, AFC sold a 10% stake in Reliance Communication. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed. Reliance Communications, Sources said that the Russian company abandoned the idea of ​​buying other assets of Reliance Communications, including submarine cables, enterprises and data centers.  However, the representative of AFK Sistema refused to comment on this information.

According to the interlocutor of the Economic Times, the reason for the sale could be RCom's refusal to sell its domestic enterprises to the Russian company and nine data centers worth $ 600 million.

In March, the Economic Times sources said that the Russian company offered about $ 1.2 billion for RCom assets, but Sistema's representative Sergey Kopytov said that no additional investments in the telecommunications business of India are planned.

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