Qihoo 360 Technology Zacks Bull of the Day

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08.02.14 15:54 #1 Qihoo 360 Technology Zacks Bull of the Day
man muss sich nur mal ansehen ,was hier bei ariva alles an News zu finden ist ,um die Bedeutung dieser grössten Internetsecurity-Firma in China ermessen zu können.In diesem Jahr bereits 17% gestiegen

.....Qihoo 360 Technology offers a broad spectrum of Internet and mobile security products. Its core Internet and mobile security products include 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-virus 360 Mobile Safe, 360 Safe Browser, 360 Personal Start-up Page, 360 Application Store and 360 Safebox.

In a brilliant strategy move, Qihoo 360 began offering its cloud-based Internet security products for free to users. And this has allowed them to monetize their significant audience through online advertising services, including paid links as well as Internet value-added services, such as offering access to third-party Web games and virtual items.

In 2013, the company's launch of a search engine so.com was the game-changer that leveraged its broad reach in China to capture lucrative search market share and advertising dollars. The “360” brand stands for Internet security to the company's users, and these users are a ripe audience for advertisers.

But the innovation didn't stop there. In September, the company launched 360 Yingshi Daquan, the mobile version of 360 Video, Qihoo’s video vertical search engine. 360 Yingshi Daquan is a 360 mobile app that enables users to search for and view videos from Qihoo partners on Android based smartphones.

What else do Chinese PC and mobile users rely on Qihoo 360 for? Gaming! ......

noch mehr findet man hier
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12.07.14 07:58 #18 QIHU Joins Asian Co Silicon Valley
The long list of Asian megacompanies investing in U.S.-based tech startups just got longer.

Chinese security giant Qihoo 360 Technology Co.QIHU +1.25% has established a venture investing group in Silicon Valley to bankroll strategically significant startups, VentureWire has learned.

“We find a company we like, we try to partner and become strategic investors,” Qihoo 360 Director of Strategic Initiatives Mike Liao said.The Qihoo venture fund has no set size, but with a $10.8 billion market cap and earnings of $0.54 per share last quarter, it is hardly cash constrained. Mr. Liao says he invests in startups when he finds ones that can enhance his company’s mission to provide digital security.

“We think about security in the larger sense. Where are your kids? Is the garage door open? We think about where the Internet is going to be a few years from now,” he said.

Since moving to the U.S. and establishing an office in Palo Alto, Calif., nine months ago, Mr. Liao has invested in eyeball biometrics company EyeVerify LLC. and four unnamed companies developing products for big data, smart hardware and family safety apps.

EyeVerify aims to replace passwords and fingerprint scans on smartphones and tablets with data points derived from the picture of a person’s eyeball. Mr. Liao said plans call for integrating EyeVerify into the 50 or so gaming, security, mobile banking and other apps Qihoo 360 has in its app store......
28.10.14 18:05 #19 Quihoo up 8,7%
Morgan Stanley expects another earnings beat from Qihoo. Contrary to other analysts on the street, such as Nomura Securities and UBS, the bank expects strong mobile game revenue from Qihoo:

   We forecast total gaming revenue to grow 15% sequentially and 156% YoY to US$138mn, mainly driven by mobile games. Unlike some of Qihoo’s mobile game competitors in China, which are showing flattish QoQ mobile gaming growth in 3Q2014, we believe Qihoo will generate better mobile game revenue growth in the third quarter as a result of more hit mobile game launches.
The key areas to watch for would be Qihoo’s plan to monetize its PC search traffic and its mobile search market share.Qihoo trades at 18.2 times 2015 consensus earnings ....

11.11.14 15:15 #20 QIHU Aktienrückkauf US$200 million ADRs
Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NYSE:QIHU) (TREND ANALYSIS) a leading Internet company in China, today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the repurchase of up to US$200 million of the Company’s American Depositary Shares. The share repurchases are currently expected to be made through open market purchases or privately negotiated transactions as market conditions warrant, at prices the Company deems appropriate, and in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission requirements. The share repurchases will be funded with the Company’s existing cash reserves and ongoing cash flow. The Company had approximately US$787 million of cash and cash equivalents on its balance sheet as of June 30, 2014. The company also raised approximately $1 billion through a convertible bond offering in August 2014.
There are currently thirteen analysts that we track that cover the stock. Of those thirteen, nine have a Buy rating and four have a hold rating. On a consensus basis this yields a score of 2.69 and a Buy. The combined price objective of these covering analysts is $117.62, which represents a 62.50% difference to the last closing price.

The most recent analyst activity consisted of T.H. Capitallowering their Buy stance on the company. T.H. Capital has a price target of $113 which represents an upside of 56% from the last closing price. On the date of the report, the stock closed at $92.15.

Another research firm weighing in recently was Credit Suisse who also downgraded their rating on the stock. On August 26thCredit Suisses downgraded their price target on the stock from $156 to $115,....
11.11.14 15:19 #21 zu Barrons Bashing ein Kommentar

   Qihoo was recently slammed in a Barron's article without much analysis of the argument.
   Management has addressed worries over margin pressures.
   A $200M share buyback points to management's confidence in their strategy.

Earlier this week, a piece in Barron's by Shuli Ren points out all the things Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) is doing right, while simultaneously taking down Qihoo (NYSE:QIHU) for what the company lacks. Having delved into Qihoo's conference calls recently, I found myself on the opposite end of her argument with respect to Qihoo. Since the article seemed to rely more on snippets of analyst notes and price target revisions than anything else, I thought I'd take a moment to share my views on Qihoo's fundamentals.......

Currently, the stock is trading at a TTM GAAP earnings P/E of 57, with a growth rate of >88%. It is cheap relative to its growth rate (PEG ratio of ~0.64) and will be extremely cheap on the out years as long as the company continues to execute. Shuli Ren believes Qihoo will continue to be range-bound going into year-end. I guess we'll see who's right in late November when the company reports.

14.11.14 12:24 #22 Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results 24.11.201.
the Company will report its third quarter 2014 financial results on Monday, November 24, 2014, after the close of the U.S. markets.
22.11.14 09:20 #23 Credit Suisse erwartet bessere Ergebnisse KZ .
und Hold

Credit Suisse analysts Jialong Shi and Dick Wei suggested that Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NYSE:QIHU) will deliver better-than-expected financial results for the third-quarter.

The analysts estimated that Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NYSE:QIHU) will post a 95% revenue growth to $366 million YoY, in line with the consensus estimate of analysts polled by Bloomberg. The company is expected to achieve a 29% increase in Non-GAAP earnings to $78 million or $0.59 per share compared with the $0.63 per share consensus estimate.

Shi and Wei suggested that Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NYSE:QIHU) will likely beat their estimate and street forecasts. In a note to investors, the analyst said, “Given potentially higher revenue and margins, the actual earnings may exceed CS and event street forecasts.”

However, the analysts believed that a simple earnings beat will not trigger a sustained stock rally.

The shares of Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NYSE:QIHU) are trading $69.63 per share, up by more than 3% at the time of this writing around 2:11 in the afternoon in New York.

Shi and Wei stated that they remain concerned on the mobile prospects of Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ:QIHU) because it does not have strong moat against competition.

The analysts noted that the competition in mobile app store is increasing based on their latest channel checks. Tencent Holdings Ltd (HKG:0700) and smartphone manufacturers are boosting their competitiveness for quality third-party games.

Shi and Wei commented that the Qihoo 360’s goal to increase its mobile search traffic to ~25% of its total search traffic by the end of 2014 was “quite ambitious.”

The analysts maintained their Neutral rating for the shares of Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ:QIHU) with a price target of $84 per share. The analysts explained, “Our target price implies 24x2015E P/E. As Qihoo is heading for a seemingly predictable growth mode, the premium in trading multiple it has enjoyed for potential earnings beat could gradually be diminishing, in our view.”
25.11.14 18:20 #24 Qihoo +6.5%;bulls find plenty to like in Q3 Rep.

SA author WestEnd511 is pleased with the 65% Y/Y growth in Qihoo's Mobile Safe MAUs, declaring it demonstrates "QIHU's dominance in China's mobile security space, despite rising competition from CMCM and other sub-scale solution providers." The author does admit declining gross margins and soaring marketing spend remain concerns - the latter is chalked up to app pre-install deals with mobile OEMs.

ONeil Trader notes Qihoo's net margin, while down 890 bps Y/Y, rose 200 bps Q/Q, as top-line growth outweighed margin pressure and aggressive spending. "I believe that Qihoo is a bargain at the current price, given the significant growth opportunities and the fact that it is trading at just 17x its [estimated] 2015 EPS."  
17.12.14 18:01 #25 Q
Woran hakt es hier eigentlich zur Zeit?  
06.03.15 16:51 #26 Qihoo +5.5% ahead of earnings

   Qihoo (NYSE:QIHU) is up sharply ahead of Monday afternoon's Q4 report. With 2.29M shares already traded, volume appears set to easily surpass a 3-month daily average of 2.46M.
   Pre-earnings short-covering could be helping Qihoo's cause: 9M shares (11% of the float) was shorted as of Feb. 13, and many of those shorts now have large paper profits.
   Last week: Qihoo announces $200M buyback is finished

06.03.15 17:06 #27 Was kann man am 9.3. erwarten?

Letztes Mal gab es eine positive Überraschung von 2,08% Gewinn

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. is set to release its fourth-quarter and full-year 2014 results on Mar 9.
For the fourth quarter, Qihoo expects revenues between $410 million and $415 million, representing an increase of 85–87% year over year and 9–10% sequentially.

Our proven model does not conclusively show that Qihoo is likely to beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate this quarter. That is because a stock needs to have both a positive Earnings ESPand a Zacks Rank of #1, 2 or 3 for this to happen. That is not the case here as you will see below.

Zacks ESP: Qihoo has an Earnings ESP of 0.00%. This is because both the Most Accurate estimate and the Zacks Consensus Estimate stand at 54 cents per share.Zacks Rank: Qihoo’s Zacks Rank #3 (Hold), when combined with a 0.00% ESP, makes surprise predictions difficult.Why Qihoo, YY And Dangdang Could Buck The Trend
While analysts continue to downgrade Qihoo purely on speculative reasons (which is laughable right before earnings), the search and security company continues to topple analyst expectations quarter after quarter as you can see from the table above.

After falling more than 20% on the downgrades, I'm actually surprised that the market continues to listen to certain analysts covering QIHU. Many of them have been late to the party on upgrades and downgrades over the years and this time it doesn't look to be any different after these downgrades.

After dropping 50% since August, QIHU's valuation (like Dangdang) is also very attractive right now. At its current price of just over $45 a share, the Chinese giant trades around 11X projected 2015 earnings. This is downright cheap for a company growing its top line over 100% year-over-year and beating analyst projections on the bottom line by 34% over the last four quarters.

I believe QIHU will likely deliver another earnings beat which should help alleviate investor concerns and will put shares back on track to where they were headed back in July and early August.Management stated during the last conference call that they continue to work on monetizing its mobile platforms and that all signs point to great potential. If things continue to go well, don't be surprised to see guidance crush analyst estimates.

...Since it last report in November, QIHU continues to tackle challenges as it continues to grow and looks for new areas of the market to get into. Hardware was one of those areas and I believe QIHU made a smart decision to develop a strategic partnership with Coolpad.

Through the partnership, QIHU will become the default provider of key mobile services on Coolpad's smartphones, including mobile security, mobile app store and mobile search among many other things. Coolpad is one of the leading smartphone makers in China and is also the largest 4G smartphone provider in China in terms of accumulative unit shipment as of October 2014.

Also, QIHU just recently completed the $200M share repurchase program that was announced last October. The Company bought back approximately 3.4M American Depositary Shares with an average cost of $58.98 in the open market.

With positive cash flow and with over $1B in cash, I wouldn't be surprised to see the company announce another buyback program with shares trading at depressed levels. If the company thought shares were cheap at $58-$59 dollars a share, I can only imagine what they must be thinking now. Adding it all up, there is a lot to be excited about QIHU and the earning results should be a great kick start to 2015.  
10.03.15 10:57 #28 Online Werbung beflügelt Ergebnis After Hours.

Qihoo 360 kann sich über ein erfolgreiches viertes Quartal 2014 freuen. Das chinesische Sicherheitssoftware- und Suchmaschinen-Unternehmen konnte den Umsatz verdoppeln und das Ergebnis verfünffachen.

So erwirtschaftete Qihoo 360 im vierten Quartal 2014 einen Umsatz von rund 431,21 Mio. US-Dollar. Im Vorjahreszeitraum betrug dieser Wert noch 221,62 Mio. US-Dollar. Unterm Strich wiesen die Chinesen ein Nettoergebnis in Höhe von 75,8 Mio. US-Dollar aus. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahreswert in Höhe von 15,15 Mio. US-Dollar hat sich das Ergebnis somit verfünffacht.

Mit Blick auf das Gesamtjahr 2014 erzielte Qihoo 360 einen Umsatz in Höhe von 1,39 Mrd. US-Dollar, nach 671,09 Mio. US-Dollar aus dem Vorjahr. Vor allem der Bereich Online-Werbung legten die Erlöse um 81,3 Prozent deutlich zu und steuerten 756.4 Mio. US-Dollar zum Umsatz bei. Das Nettoergebnis belief sich auf 216,16 Mio. US-Dollar, nach 97,85 Mio. US-Dollar aus dem Vorjahreszeitraum.

Für das erste Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2015 erwartet Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (WKN: A1H8TB), die zuletzt in eine neue Domain investierte, einen Umsatz zwischen 375 Mio. und 380 Mio. US-Dollar, was einer Steigerung von 41 bis 43 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr entspricht. (evd/ami)
10.03.15 10:59 #29 Qihoo mit guter Guidance und Buyback
Qihoo jumps above $50 on Q4 beat, guidance, new buyback


wirklich sehr gutes Ergebnis und der erneute Buyback beflügelt zusätzlich  
10.03.15 18:45 #30 Qihoo now -5.7% post-earnings

Qihoo now -5.7% post-earnings
Mar 10 2015, 11:23 ET | By: Eric Jhonsa, SA News Editor [Contact this editor with comments or a news tip]

   Up AH yesterday following its Q4 beat, Qihoo (NYSE:QIHU) has fallen to fresh 52-week lows today.
   JG Capital's Henry Guo thinks Qihoo's Q1 guidance (though above consensus) may have left investors wanting more. But he expects a 2H growth pickup.
   Guo: "While Q1 2015 guidance implies significant growth deceleration, we believe it is mainly due to seasonality (Web games and enterprise security) and lottery business disruption ... For the second half of 2015, we see multiple revenue growth drivers, including further desktop search monetization ramp-up, increasing medical/pharmaceutical search contribution, mobile search monetization traction and enterprise security revenue."
   Shares now go for 12x 2015E EPS and 9x 2016E EPS. Estimates have fallen slightly post-earnings.

11.03.15 16:57 #31 Cramer s Mad Money
Qihoo 360 Technologies (NYSE:QIHU): "We are not recommending any Chinese stocks right now," said Cramer. He feels their economy is weakening bei seekimgalpha  
18.03.15 19:33 #32 Quihoo plus 4,3% nach Nomuras BUY
Nomura has hiked its Qihoo (NYSE:QIHU) target by $4 to $69, while reiterating a Buy. The firm cites optimism about Qihoo's expansion into the enterprise security market.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced Qihoo (along with Tencent, Xiaomi, and Lenovo) will help distribute Windows 10 in China following its summer launch. Notably, the OS will be provided as a free upgrade to users of both genuine and non-genuine (i.e. pirated) versions of Windows.....

CEO Hongyi Zhou argued NSA spying fallout will benefit Qihoo - "[A]s you may know, the Chinese government already make it very clear for the foreign security related companies, the foreign entities need to be out in this market." - and that the huge consumer reach of Qihoo's 360 security apps will make penetrating enterprises easier.

20.05.15 20:17 #33 Obwohl das Wachstum mit 30 bis 50% gegebe.
wird die Aktie mit einem KGV von weniger als 20 geprügelt. Igendwann kommt es aber auch hier zu einer Neubewertung.  
20.05.15 21:03 #34 Die Bewertung
ist im Moment auch sehr konservativ, ich weis auch nicht warum der Aktienkurs gerade immer weiter sinkt. Das KGV 2016 liegt mittlerweile nurnoch bei 15, mit einem weiteren Gewinnwachstum von umdie 40% ist die Aktie wirklich guenstig. Ich werde die Tage nochmal aufstocken und versuchen den Durchschnittspreis zu verbessern.  
17.06.15 15:06 #35 Buy out für 77$ viel vie wenig!
17.06.15 15:08 #36 Die spottbilligen Chinaaktien
bekommen nun reihenweise Ablöseangebote. Jdoch viel zu niedrig. Jetzt wo die Gewinnmaschinerie los geht, wollen sie die Papiere ablösen. Nur mit mindestens 100% Zuschlag.  
17.06.15 21:23 #37 +6,9% nach Übernahmeangebot v.CEO
Qihoo Gets $9 Billion Buyout Offer From CEO
Bid for Internet company is latest in push by executives to take their Chinese firms private  wsj.com

zieht MOMO und YY mit hoch  
18.06.15 13:52 #38 Eigentlich ungewöhnlich nach einem Anbot über .
14.07.15 11:29 #39 QIHU buy von Stifel Nicolaus KZ $8
....QIHU has been the subject of a number of recent research reports. Analysts at Stifel Nicolaus reiterated a “buy” rating and set a $8.00 price target on shares of Qihoo 360 Technology Co in a research note on Friday. Analysts at TheStreet upgraded shares of Qihoo 360 Technology Co from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating in a research note on Wednesday, April 29th. Finally, analysts at Summit Research initiated coverage on shares of Qihoo 360 Technology Co in a research note on Monday, April 20th. They set a “buy” rating and a $71.00 price target on the stock.
Qihoo 360 Technology Co (NASDAQ:QIHU) last released its earnings data on Tuesday, May 19th. The company reported $0.57 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the analysts’ consensus estimate of $0.34 by $0.23. The company had revenue of $384.40 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $378.12 million. During the same quarter last year, the company posted $0.54 earnings per share. Qihoo 360 Technology Co’s revenue was up 45.0% compared to the same quarter last year. On average, analysts predict that Qihoo 360 Technology Co will post $3.47 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

14.07.15 11:33 #40 Small Profit If It Goes Private,
Large Long-Term Gains If It Stays Public


   Qihoo received a go private offer and is trading 19% below it.
   Investors stand to make 22% short-term profit if the company goes private or a large long-term gain if the company stays public.
   The company is investing heavily for future growth and the recent initiatives are bound to reaccelerate the growth in 2H 2015.

Given the go private offer of $77 per share, investors have a chance for a 23% profit given the current price ($62.54 as of this writing). Increased PC search monetization and the company's entry into the medical search segment, a ramp-up in mobile monetization as well as the increasing penetration in the enterprise security market should positively affect future growth expectations and Qihoo should perform much better in the next 12 to 18 months with potential upside in the triple digits if the company stays public.

18.08.15 11:16 #41 Strong Buy von Sabrient
Earnings and Revenue Update: For the quarter ended December 31, 2014, Qihoo
360 Technology Co Ltd reported earnings of $76.8 million or $0.39 per share
compared with $57.7 million or $0.29 per share for the prior quarter and $16.6 million or $0.08 per share for the same quarter one year ago. Revenues were $431.2 million for the quarter ended December 31, 2014 compared with $376.4 million for the prior quarter and $221.6 million for the same quarter one year ago. Last twelve months' earnings were $1.14 per share compared with no earnings per share a year ago. Last twelve months' revenues were $1.4 billion compared with zero revenues a year ago.

Sabrient rates QIHU a Strong Buy for its superior growth and momentum scores,
which indicate a stock that should outperform the market.
• Growth: QIHU scores very high for growth potential, with a Sabrient Growth
Score of 91.5. This reflects the company's exceptional earnings performance and expectations and makes it an excellent candidate for the growth-minded investor.
• Momentum: Recent upside interest gives QIHU a bullish score of 90.3 for the
Sabrient Momentum Score, which is a composite of price, earnings and group
• Value: A score of 51.8 for the Sabrient Value Score implies that QIHU is fairly priced relative to fundamental valuation and growth potential.
• Timeliness: QIHU has a Sabrient Timeliness Score of 54.3. This measures
technical strength based on short-term and long-term price performance and
long-term group strength

via freerealtime.com  als pdf  
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