Colorado State Representative will Powertech stoppen.

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12.05.07 08:13 #1 Colorado State Representative will Powertech sto.
John Kefalas ein State Representative des Colorado House District 52
will Powertech stoppen.
Er schreibt am 8. May:

On Sunday, Rep. Randy Fischer and I visited with property owners near Nunn to see the land under which Powertech Mining Company is proposing to mine uranium. The land is expansive and beautiful, and the people who live there are authentic - representing a heritage and way of life that is worth preserving, not to mention the ground water that sustains everything. This issue affects Fort Collins and all of northern Colorado so get involved in whatever ways you can...

Auf der Agenda von John Kefalas einem State Representative des Colorado House District 52 steht unter anderem:

In-Situ Leaching Uranium Mining - working with Weld County landowners and concerned Larimer County citizens to stop Powertech Company.
12.05.07 08:37 #2 US Uranium Mining Takes Many Years - and has.
The Greeley Tribune writes:

"...Blubaugh, president of environment, health and safety for Powertech said...
if the company decides to drill at the site, it would begin operations by late 2009. The process would take about 10 to 12 years to collect the uranium and then another four to five years to restore the land...:"

Local property owners however, said:
"...they plan to gain more community support to fight Powertech's plans by providing information about the health risks they say would be involved."  
12.05.07 08:49 #3 Es geht in diesem thread um die Aktie von Pow.
Es geht in diesem thread um news zur Aktie von Powertech Uranium (ISIN CA7393691067 / WKN A0J27F)  
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