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Annual Report 2016,%202016%20-%20Annual%20Report%202015.pdf
Xarope 28.05.16
Notice of annual general meeting
Xarope 23.04.16
final dividend book closure dates The Register of Members will be closed from Monday, 6 June 2016 to Wednesday, 8 June 2016 (both days inclusive), during which period no share transfers will be registered.
Xarope 23.04.16
Clear Media Announces Annual Results 2015 * Bus shelter advertising revenue, net of value added tax, increased by 4.1% to HK$1,832.7 million * Depreciation of RMB impacted revenue growth by approximately 2.0% * EBITDA increased by 11.9% to HK$792.9 million * EBIT increased by 17.5% to [...]
Xarope 09.02.16
bloomberg geht wieder wer weiß was da los war
Xarope 05.11.15
Bei bloomberg kein akt. Kurs mehr??? Weiß jemand warum bloomberg keine Daten für clear media mehr anzeigt? Dachte zuerst das die eventuell nixs mehr bereit gestellt bekommen von Hongkong, aber andere Hongkong Listings bekommen anscheinend noch aktuelle Daten [...]
Xarope 03.11.15
Change of chairman of the board Auszug: The Board announces that Mr. Thewlis will relinquish his positions as an executive director of the Company, the Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of the Capital Expenditure Committee and the Directors’ Securities Dealing Committee and a member of th [...]
Xarope 13.10.15
protected by high barriers Auszug: Its business and attractive returns on capital were protected by high barriers to entry due to local regulatory approvals required for construction and maintenance of [...]
Xarope 03.10.15
Interims Report 2015 - The Group’s total turnover increased by 4.5% to HK$855.8 million. - EBITDA increased by 8.9% to HK$343.4 million. - EBIT increased by 9.7% to HK$165.9 million. - Net profit increased by 11.3% to HK$100.9 million. - Basic earnings per share increased by 10.8% to HK18.73 cen [...]
Xarope 24.09.15
hab ma wieder kleinen posten geholt. Ma schauen wies läuft, is als kleines long invest gedacht.
Xarope 10.09.15

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