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Jemand investiert? Hallo, bin heute neu eingestiegen bei dem Titel. Wollte fragen, ob es hier noch investierte gibt? lg
Pippo87 11.09.17
C Everbright IPO - Everbright Securities Co raised 10.96 billion yuan ($1.60 billion) -Everbright Securities sold 520 million shares at 21.08 yuan each, the top of the 19 to 21.08 yuan range. - The sale of a 15 percent stake values Everbright Securities at 72 billion yuan, or 58.56 times its [...] 05.08.09
C Everb + 3,403%= 27,35h$ = 2,39e China Everbright Limited (0165) The share price rose to $37.70 before retreating recently to $21. The share is oversold. The spin-off of Everbright Securities is imminent. We expect share price to rebound. Buy $26.00 Target $30.00 , Cut loss $22. [...] 04.12.07

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2 C Everb + 3,403%= 27,35h$ = 2,39e 11.09.17

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