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Deutsche Post: stock with a lot of potential

11.09.17 17:00
Der Aktionär

Kulmbach (www.aktiencheck.de) - In the eyes of Thorsten Küfner, securities expert with "Der Aktionär", the stock of Deutsche Post (ISIN: DE0005552004, WKN: 555200, ticker symbol: DPW, Nasdaq OTC symbol: DPSTF) continues to be a clear buy.

There may be quite a number of more exciting stocks with a higher long-term price potential than the stock of the German logistics giant. However, for conservative investors afraid to take too many risks the stock of Deutsche Post remains quite a profitable investment. Now, the stock of Deutsche Post has reached another all-time high. Fundamentally as well as with respect to the chart performance the DAX listed stock still holds a lot of potential for a significant price increase.

Since prospects for the stock of Deutsche Post continue to be rather positive due to the ongoing boom in parcel transport and the flourishing internet trade as well as the constant economic growth in the emerging countries (where Deutsche Post enjoys a very favorable market position), the stock continues to be a rather attractive investment.

Highly motivated investors should therefore stay invested in the stock of Deutsche Post, while the recent buying signals suggest that an initial investment may also be a good idea according to Thorsten Küfner, securities expert with "Der Aktionär". The stop loss should remain at EUR 26.50. (Analysis dated September 11, 2017) (11.09.2017/ac/a/d)
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Kurs Vortag Veränderung Datum/Zeit
39,485 € 39,32 € 0,165 € +0,42% 23.11./12:05
ISIN WKN Jahreshoch Jahrestief
DE0005552004 555200 40,59 € 28,57 €
Analysten: Thorsten Küfner
Handelsplatz Letzter Veränderung  Zeit
Tradegate (RT)
39,521 € +0,44%  12:14
München 39,445 € +0,54%  11:12
Stuttgart 39,438 € +0,42%  11:43
Xetra 39,485 € +0,42%  12:05
Nasdaq OTC Other 46,39 $ +0,39%  22.11.17
Frankfurt 39,498 € +0,28%  11:41
Hamburg 39,495 € -0,52%  11:25
Düsseldorf 39,43 € -0,81%  10:52
Hannover 39,19 € -1,20%  08:10
Berlin 39,20 € -1,22%  08:36
  = Realtime
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